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You should not Blame the software program, Blame the Usage

July 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Computers

Limewire is a simple peer-2-peer file sharing software. It’s very small in size and very easy to use. It allows users to share every sort of file over the Internet. One thing must be taken into consideration that just those things could be shared, which user has license to re-distribute or their original contents.

Limewire allows any type of files to be shared, i.e. music, video, zip many other. It allows users to look for this content on other users and users can download that items that is shared through the other user. Unlike other peer-2-peer software’s,it very easy maintain a server where users can download stuff. In contrast to other p2p software’s, it is the real p2p software that connects users together to share files. A good thing is that Limewire download the text files and music files rapidly.

Tests have been made by professional security gurus and they have found no traces of sypwares or adwares by using it. So it is useful to think that no harm is being done to the user. Limewire download the files of any format because it may be developed on the strategy of cross-platform using Java language. Since it has been developed in Java, it provides the flexibleness and reliability that it will operated with any Operating System, such as, all Windows platform, all Linux / UNIX based platforms as well as on Macintosh.

Few things are wrong with Limewire download; it depends on the usage of it. If someone shares some illegal stuff / copyright stuff then the software mustn’t be blamed for it. Professionals analyze the information that is being share and block the user if he/she is using it to distribute copyright or illegal stuff. Users can only share free stuff (personal files, some of their own creations and etc.), non copyright stuff or stuff for which they have license to redistribute.

Copyright laws gives protection to the original work that people have created with so much hard work and have put lots of effort and money into it. That is the reason why copyright material should not be shared as it will affect the creator of the material.

Some people will do not agree with the copyright stuff. They struggle to give wrong justifications to share the material and in the end everything will collapse. When creator of material will not get the desired results, due to illegal distribution of his/her material, he/she will eventually be disheartened and that will be a loss to society itself.

As it is said, really do not blame the overall game, blame the gamer. It sits well here, do not blamethe program, but blame the usage.

Limewire provide a quicker and faster download.Let’s know more about Limewire.

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