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You Can Learn Remote Viewing

July 9, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Education

Everyone is born with natural psychic capabilities and gifts but most people forget how to use them as they mature. Alternatively, they might never have been encouraged to explore their psychic abilities. But various tests and studies have shown that, when it comes to trying to learn remote viewing, anyone can learn how to do it. It is the ability to reach higher vibrations within our thought patterns.

Scientific theories or other medium has not been able to explain the actual reasons behind the occurrence of the psychic ability of remote viewing. But in spite of this not so clear picture, remote viewing is in fact quite possible. However like all other psychic abilities, for example, lucid dreaming and astral projections the power of remote viewing has also been linked to the realms of paranormal phenomenon.

There may be individuals who might think that this occurrence is not something very natural but in reality the ability is present inside all of us.

Remote viewing is nothing new. It has been known about for a long time. When different countries discontinued and declassified their remote viewing programs they became available to the public. This is how we know that many countries made use of this psychic ability as part of the security measures.

The reports later on published gave us a glimpse of the fact that most people who appeared for the tests were normal people unknown about the power carried by them.

The ability to remote is thus not concentrated to few gifted individuals. It is inside all of us and with proper determination and patience and guidance we can unleash the power within us. We however need to learn the ways to develop and harness the abilities buried deep inside us. This will take time and some effort but ultimately it is worth doing.

Keep in mind that since this is mind power you are using and cultivating that when you decide to remote view it will use up some of your energy and can leave you feeling tired. Therefore, you should try to pace yourself during your remote viewing sessions.

In order to achieve the best results it is vital to learn the various techniques of meditation and visualization to enhance your remote viewing experiences.

Our bodies are more receptive for an out of body experience such as remote viewing when we learn how to do these things since they help us to calm and relax the mind and body. We are more apt to be able to remote view when we learn how to meditate and visualize.

It is very important that you understand that the principle of practice makes perfect applies very much when it comes to being able to remote view as well. The more you practice the quicker and better you will be at doing it. It does not matter what psychic ability you want to perfect, practice is always necessary.

We will learn the tips and tricks to concentrate on a person, an object or a place while we are at a different place at the same time. However in order to do this we also need to learn to calm our mind. The act is one of visualizing things while being far from them.

Most likely the images you will see while remote viewing appear to be out of focus and misty. However, it is very important that you mind be open to any type of image that you perceive when you are remote viewing.

The more we do the stuff called remote viewing, i.e. if we able to follow a daily routine then the easier it will be in increasing the understanding of the images coming to our mind.

In your journal you can record the experiences you have and it will help you to better understand not only yourself but also the world around you as you record any progress you are making. As stated before, your abilities will improve the more you practice, and you will find that you will understand more of what you see during a remote viewing session.

When you learn remote viewing you can travel anywhere you want to, you can explore the galaxies, a different time period, whether it is in the future or sometime in the past. You can link into the universal mind when you are practicing remote viewing if you choose to do so.

We should always pay attention to any pattern, shape or size of the objects or images we see while remote viewing. A pen and paper may be prove handy so that we put them down and nothing goes missing.

Fortunately, there are many resources out there which are designed to help people learn remote viewing. You can find books and websites which provide a lot of useful information on remote viewing.

Also hypnosis recordings are a great help to retrain your subconscious mind. You should also check out something called ‘binaural beat’ audios which can instantly get your brainwaves into the correct frequency for psychic powers such as remote viewing to be possible.

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