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Yes You Can Earn Money With Adsense

July 11, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Marketing

Practically all IM marketers have at least heard of Google Adsense at some point. There are many monetization methods for websites, and adsense is another way to do it. This particular program has been in existence for a long time, and it’s still going strong for some marketers.

Perhaps the newer marketers are most susceptible to having problems with adsense because it looks very simple to do. If you’re new to this program, just remember to choose your markets carefully, and you do that with proper market research. But that’s just for starters, next we’ll cover some more tips on how to get the most out of your marketing using adsense.

A big part of adsense success concerns the placement and visibility of your ads. There are a lot of different monitor resolutions in use, so be sure to check your site and be sure your ads are visible.

Another smart thing to do is make your ads blend in well with surroundings. Obviously you don’t want to go through all that if no one clicks on them. If you’re planning to put your ads in a table, then ensure that enough breathing space is given to them. Don’t let them get too close to content, and if they’re in tables use enough cell padding.

Google’s TOS regarding adsense are strict without a lot of leeway, but you can still do well with it if you’re dedicated. If you don’t do that you can easily find yourself banned from adsense – for life. So for example, never click on your own ads or ask your pals to do it for you. And… porn or adult sites are not places Google wants to see their ads. Other precautions, or no-no’s, include cloaking links, using link farms, or tinkering with the adsense code. All of these practices will only probably get you banned from adsense.

There are constant improvements being made to the Adsense system. You’ll also find that the traffic you get will be constantly changing too. You can keep track of these fluctuations by watching your stats. You should know how to check which page on your website brings in the most traffic and why it’s so popular. It’s also a good idea to know how your visitors are finding your site. You should be able to track all of your activities online, so use this to improve performance. Watching your stats allows you to recognize what’s working for you and what needs to be tweaked. By having a good knowledge of what actions to take to boost profitability and draw in more traffic, you can then repeat those steps on other websites. In conclusion, Google AdSense is a program that has made many rich. There are many website owners reaping huge profits from building and running well-designed Adsense sites. It might take a bit of time to get your own sites generating this kind of profit. But when you do, you’d be able to scale it to the next level by adding more sites to your portfolio.

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