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Why Should I Bother Appealing Against A Parking Fine?

July 10, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Legal

The number of parking tickets has recently increased 4 fold meaning around 1 in 10 motorists will get a parking fine. There is also talk in Government during these hard times of doubling parking fines for motorists. All in the name of road safety and making traffic flow better? I seriously doubt it.

The year 2005 saw 3,402,860 parking tickets to be issued which was 19% more than that of 2004 and a lot higher than the 794,851 mark set during the 2000 – 2011 time frame, a time wherein the work of enforcing parking regulations was shifted from the police to the local councils. It is a common belief that in the name of road safety, it is just a mere instrument for the councils to earn some extra revenue as parking fines are not a ring fenced component where the money has to come back to the local transport.

The five towns of Birmingham, Brighton & Hove, Manchester, Liverpool, and Nottingham score the highest by issuing 176,382, 160,018, 136,005, 92,642 and 75,350 parking tickets respectively. Councils must not play “fast and loose” with the legal restrictions of the tickets, says The National Parking Adjudication Service, the body which deals with appeals from motorists.

This institution known as the NPAS handles all the left-over appeals from when the local authorities pass them over.

As much as 57% of motorist appeals won their cases by taking the help of the parking ticket appeal service. Motorists must realize that they have a high chance of winning their appeal without even having to go to the NPAs.

The Road Traffic Act of 1991 was passed enabling the councils to enforce “decriminalised parking” with parking restriction in their areas and higher parking fines. Needless to say the fine amounts have seen a dramatic rise each year along with the ruthlessness of the councils and devious attitude of the traffic wardens. Even cars with painted double lines underneath have been heard to get parking tickets.

Criticisms of councils by NPAs include incidents where the motorist has gone to get change for paying for the ticket itself. Undoubtedly, it is an unacceptable practice on moral grounds.

A motorist thus would usually be stuck behind a fumbling driver suffering an indecisive moment in front of the pay and display machine. Common sense should be used and the motorist not be ticketed.

According to NPAs, Councils are of the opinion that motorists should have exact change with them before entering a car park. Hence, the bottom-line is that expect a parking fine under any circumstances.

Appealing is the best way out in such situations since only that can stop them to harass motorists in this way. Never think them to be right all the time as most of the times they apply parking regulations just blindly.

Local councils almost always keep the traffic wardens under pressure to issue parking tickets as many as they can. Hence, usually the parking tickets have no legal basis, all the more reason for you to win your appeal.

Most of the times, it is the appeal letter drafting that puts off people from appealing in the first place as they have a wrong preconceived notion that these letters are lengthy and complicated. Essentially what you need is just a basic and simple letter which you can easily draft by using all the helpful samples and templates found from countless websites on the web.

Your first step is to draft your appeal letter and this should be done in short and simple paragraphs which is easy to read and understand for the reader. Remember to be polite and never to use rude words or too much technical terms therein. Your introduction should clearly state that you have been ticketed wrongly for which you want to appeal.

In the following paragraphs, state reasons why you think you have been wrongly ticketed. Reasons can be that your car was stolen, or you were not the driver in that case, your car might have suffered a breakdown or there weren’t enough signs or markings regarding parking instructions on the road. Whatever be it, keep in mind that photographic proof always maximizes your chances of winning any appeal.

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