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Why It Is Far Better To Create For A Targeted Audience Than For Search Engine Optimization Bots

July 6, 2011 | Author: | Posted in SEO

Search engine ranking is an area that has been surrounded in mystery and stories for most people throughout many years. There are a large amount of people who really understand it and they utilize it to build their business’s success levels. So it truly is not surprising to see more and more people approaching SEO from various angles. One such approach is to write content with SEO in mind to improve a page’s ranking within the search engines. There is the idea of writing SEO articles, or articles written for the search engine crawlers. By now that approach must have been abandoned by a lot of people continually making use of it.

Google has said over and over again that your content needs to be aimed at humans not search engine spiders and has now even invented a whole new algorithm to encourage people to do this. The individuals who arrive at your website hoping to find what they are seeking. They do not want articles that are stuffed with search phrases (also known as SEO content). This approach is commonly adopted because of not getting enough information or having the right perspective. When you write for your target audience, then you will begin to see some good things take place including higher search rankings.

Don’t forget that Google keeps an eye on the length of time people stay on your blog. That measurement is called, bounce rate, and it informs Google a lot about your website. If website visitors are only on the site for a moment and then leave, Google will determine that your site isn’t relevant or targeted for that keyword. You usually do not want this to occur. Conversely, if men and women are spending plenty of time on your site then you are going to be rated favorably for SEO by Google. It all unites in the end.

Your capability to successfully write for your audience, and give them what they need, is rooted in solid niche research. There is really no other way to know about your audience, or target market, and present it to them. When you have good demographics you’ll better be capable of figure out what people would like. When you take time to visit forums where your market spends time, then you will be able to read about their problems. It will help to put you in a good position to write about their situations and worries.

That degree of in-depth content writing will also give your articles something extremely effective. Your content is going to be relevant–something else Google can figure out through the use of a simple algorithm. Google’s algorithms can examine your text to figure out how applicable it is to your subject. The only true way to acquire that kind of writing is when you actually know a good deal about your subject. When you combine that with your bounce rate, Google can easily see just how relevant the subject material on your site truly is.

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