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Why Convection Ovens Are Better Kitchen Appliances

June 7, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Cooking

Canvassing for convection ovens is interesting because you will find a new approach to baking, cooking and roasting food. Convection appliances are quite different from traditional ovens we are used to. Before buying one from excitement, you should look into its features first and know more about convection cooking. It will be an advantage for you to enter an appliance store armed with more knowledge about something you wish to buy.

When you are at an appliance store, you might get talked into buying something by a salesman even if you are not completely knowledgeable about that particular appliance. Before visiting a store, it would be a good idea to know more about these techniques before deciding on buying an oven. Find out what is involved in this type of cooking and if it is a way of cooking that appeals to you.

What you need to know is if you will be able to cook, bake or roast better with this type of appliance than with a regular oven. The advantage of convection cooking equipment is its ability to cook faster and evenly. Traditional ovens are sometimes unreliable when it comes to consistency and even cooking. Convections are equipped with a fan that evenly distributes heat around the oven and into all parts of the food.

Cook food about 25 degrees to 75 degrees lower than you would with a traditional oven. Remember that convections heat up faster and distributes heat efficiently which makes the temperature inside the oven warmer. Start cooking on low temperature and increase it by 25 degrees more each time you think the oven is not hot enough.

It is not unusual for temperature requirements to differ depending on your altitude and the food you are cooking. An advantage to cooking this way is that you get to save energy because convections heat faster, meaning you will not have to pre-heat your oven for at least 10 to 20 minutes. This will definitely lower your electricity bill.

If you use the oven mainly for baking cakes and cookies, you should really start seventy-five degrees lower as mentioned earlier to avoid burning your cookies, pies and cakes. Speaking of pies, with this type of appliance, expect your pies and pastries to come out with flakier crusts and moist fillings.

Often times, it takes longer to cook or bake with a standard oven. Stand alone cooking appliances can decrease cooking time by a quarter which also results in using that much less electricity. Your roasts will be juicier yet cooked all the way inside. You get better texture and appearance with a convection than with a traditional oven. Practically any kind of food can be cooked, roasted or baked in a stand alone appliance.

Another benefit to convection ovens is better results with reheating food. With microwaves, you can end up with rubbery meat, dry poultry and food that is cold inside but burnt outside. Reheating cooked dishes on convections will give you food that looks, tastes and feels like it was just cooked.

Rebecca Hollifield is a caterer and freelance writer. For more information on convection ovens, visit

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