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Why a Boating Exam Could be The Thing to Save Your Life

July 5, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Recreation and Sports

Every year, many people are injured or even killed as they attempt to enjoy the water without proper instruction regarding swimming, water play, or boat piloting. Due to the serious nature of operating a water vehicle, a boating exam has been developed to ensure that every operator has the skills necessary to make water play safe and stress free.

Often people do not realize the serious dangers that playing in or around water may present. Because life jackets and other preservers are uncomfortable, they refuse to wear them. In some cases, boats will go out to sea without the proper equipment for every person on board. Such behavior poses serious risk to riders and discovery by authority may lead to the captain’s piloting privileges being revoked.

There is a simple explanation for such careful attention to details in this case. Proper equipment may save lives. From the little bass boats that dot lakes and ponds to larger boats taken into saltwater areas to ships that sail across oceans, every vessel should be properly equipped for the adventure ahead, and people taking boat exams around the world realize this.

The people who do their best on such exams will be qualified to lead others onto the water with them. They will understand that every rider deserves the chance to enjoy themselves to the fullest and in the safest conditions. Preparing for their day or weekend, week or month, or even longer on the water, the captains, first mates, and crews of every water vessel will check and recheck to make sure that their boats are properly equipped with an adequate number of preservers and devices, the correct safety equipment, and first-aid kits to help deal with minor injuries.

This exam makes the water safer for everyone. Gone are the days when anyone who wanted to may operate a boat without a license, especially folks who plan to carry others on their vessels. Requiring certification courses and proper examinations, officials seek to make waterways safe for everyone who loves a day on the water.

Criticism of such exams is frequent. Among the complaints hurled at officials in charge of designing and implementing boating certification programs and exams is the idea that the very notion of requiring such is means of collecting revenues to support local governments. People who think this is the primary concern of transportation officials ignore the obvious truth.

Many injuries and fatalities could be avoided every year if people operating boats and other water-based vessels followed basic safety rules and regulations. Before the days of boating exams, the injury and fatality rates on waterways were much higher. Proper education and examination is one approach to insuring that fun days at the cost end in no greater injuries than sunburns.

Every person planning on riding on a boat of any size should make sure that their captains and crew have participated in proper training. Not only should they have become educated to the best of their abilities for water safety, but they should also be able to prove that their score on the exam demonstrates adequate to better proficiency.

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