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When Women Want To Get Serious.

February 11, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Internet Business

There are a lot of qualities that women look for when selecting a life partner. These qualities may defer from one woman to the next but mostly women look for commitment, dedication, and a sense of responsibility from men.

Women want the man they marry to be committed to her and remain with her all the time under any circumstance. This reassures her that she can work together and resolve any hurdle in their life. Women choose their life partner as someone whom she can get permanent love and understanding all the time and a reliable buddy.

Women prefer to marry a man who will listen to her problems with love and tenderness without interrupting and giving the best solutions to every point she comes to discuss. This is all a man needs – silently listen and maintain eye contact, to give a woman the confidence to marry him. On the contrary a man who is engaged in some other activity or interrupts or does not listen to what is being said may not be viewed as good to marry. A man who can give a woman a secured position in his life is the one to whom a woman wants to marry, where she will feel loving, pleasant company all the time. A woman will always love a man where she is comfortable to feel she is safe and secured.

Women look for honesty in a man to marry. Women would always want to marry the man who is encouraging, with whom she would like to talk, the first one when she wakes up and the one about whom to think of when she falls asleep. Anything that happens, may it be good or bad, she wants to share all of it with her man. Thus, she looks for enough faith and enough encouragement in her life partner that would make her feel safe in saying anything she wants. At the same time women expect the same transparency from the man to marry with, she wants him to be open minded to discuss all the matters and who does not disguise his feelings.

Most women choose to marry a man who is financially stable. At least the man whom she is thinking to marry should be able to take care of himself, her, and their immediate needs. Women want their men to be engaged with a job or business that can take care of his and her own needs. Women select their life partner as one who will be able to adequately provide for the basic necessities of life, such as a home, food and clothing. When both spouses work together they can make each other financially secure wherein they know there is money in the bank to cover the bills and shopping expenses. Woman want to have a man to marry who can give her advice and direction when she needs it. Women like men who will put smiles on their faces at all times. Women are over grown babies. They need care. Women want love, happiness and peace of mind. Woman want to marry a man who will be ever ready to please her and make her happy.

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