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What Your Funny T-Shirt Says About You

June 21, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Arts & Entertainment, Clothing, Humor

An individual might not recognize it, but the tshirts you dress in can tell others a good deal about you. Like, for instance, the fact that you possess a great sense of humor.

But, clear opinions aside, it in fact goes much deeper compared to that. Let’s look at a few examples:

Beer / Alcohol

The “I like to party and I really don’t care who knows it” individual – those who don t-shirts advertising alcohol are big party folks. They live life for the weekends and experiencing an outrageous time. They are out for a good time and often up for whatever.

Pop Culture

The “I am cool because I watch TMZ” man or woman – the one that wears virtually any t-shirt referring to some recent pop culture happening wants to be seen as someone who is “in the know.” These people are informed on precisely what the celebrities are doing and want absolutely everyone to be aware of it.

Obscene / Offensive

The “I love to p*ss people off” individual – the one who sports these kinds of t-shirts is usually rebellious and independent. These people truly won’t care who they will hurt. In reality, the more upset the person, the better.

Sexual Innuendo

There are two groups who wear these t-shirts. Men and women.

The “I’ll sleep with anyone who is desperate enough to think I’m funny” dude – this person is lost anytime it comes to getting together with women and also thinks he’ll “get some” with his funny t-shirt. It isn’t going to matter just how infrequently this works. He keeps trying simply because he doesn’t have any different ideas.

The “I want attention from men” gal – she’s not really out for a true hook-up. She’s only wanting for guys that will notice her, flirt with her, and buy her cocktails.

At this point, if you happen to be reading through this and find yourself offended due to the fact you really like to sport one of these t-shirts, don’t be. All of these are only generalizations. Besides, if you really look deep, you can possibly discover that there is a little touch of simple fact in the statement that upset you.

Plain T-shirt

The “I do not want to be noticed” individual – the person who might wear a simple white t-shirt, or blue, red, black, green, etc., is, without a doubt, a watcher. A wallflower, if you may. These people, too, like to be comfortable, yet don’t really have anything at all to say.

Have you ever in your life observed that presently there are much more funny t-shirts for men rather than there are usually for girls? Is that simply because guys are more fascinated in creating a statement? Or perhaps simply because girls are far more interested in reading them?

We may never know. Yet, funny t-shirts do help make that trip to the store or the market place a whole lot more interesting, don’t they?

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James has spent the last seven years in the t-shirt industry. He has sold and printed more t-shirts than he can remember and loves the feeling he gets when one of the shirts he sells makes someone smile.

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