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What Makes You Snore – The Awful Truth

July 26, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

I believe that we mostly know the causes of snoring, but don’t like to admit them.
In fact, we don’t even like to admit that we snore.
Most people snore, some just do it louder than others. My partner snores, but she does it so softly that it’s not a problem. I, however, do snore and I often awake to an elbow in my ribs. Luckily I’ve got better in recent times.
If you snore, the chances are that one of these things is causing it.
A Bad Sleeping Position
Lying on your back to sleep will virtually ensure that your snoring is super loud and annoying.
It’s easy to hold your hands up and say, I can’t help how I lie when I sleep, but the truth is that you can help yourself by not going to sleep on your back.
Something else you can do is to ensure you have a good pillow. With a cheap or overly soft pillow you won’t get proper head support which may cause you to snore.
Your Weight
This is a sensitive one, but the fact is that if you’re overweight you suffer from an increased risk of snoring.
Extra fat on your neck can change the shape of your throat and stop you breathing easily, causing snoring.
Try to have your supper in the very early evening so that you don’t have to worry about your body digesting your food when it should be resting. Eating late is not often seen as one of the causes of snoring, but it definitely is.
Exercise more. Not only will this help you reduce your weight, but it will help your blood flow and make breathing easier. Not only will you snore less but you’ll sleep better after burning off all those calories.
Most people know that this is true. A heavy drinker will almost inevitably snore. And you can’t wake em up to stop it either. And even if they can be woken up, they won’t be in a fit state to sleep on the sofa.
While the negative effects of smoking are well publicized, snoring is not often mentioned. If you truly wish to stop snoring, you’ll need to quit smoking. At the very least reduce your tobacco intake and don’t smoke at night.
Not Having A Very good Sleep Routine
To sleep soundly and be snoring-free you should have a regular sleeping pattern.
A good 8 hours of sleep makes you healthier and makes it less likely that you will snore.
My top tip is to get up at the same time each morning. Your body is very clever and will always aim to get the optimum amount of sleep, so will ensure that you get tired at a suitable time in the evening to get a brilliant amount of sleep.
Now you recognize the reasons for snoring, alleviating your snoring to tolerable amounts, or even stopping it entirely, will enhance your relationship greatly, ensure you are more rested and can stop all sorts of nasty longer term health problems.

This author’s direct advice is to investigate your particular causes of snoring and eliminate those lifestyle activites, if possible. The aid of anti snoring devices may help.

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