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What is Video Editing?

July 17, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Computers

Video Editing is the process where the sections or parts of the video are edited, adjusted, removed or improved. Video editing entails motion video footage which is the bread and butter of video editing. Aside from this, special effects and sound recording are also involved. Video Editing is usually done by using linear and non-linear editing systems. The very goal of video editing is to change the concept of the video. Video gurus often call this visual art.

The new era of video editing has already come. With all the technological advances in software and hardware which experts use in videos, photography editing has become much easier. These advances help the video editor to edit and make his or her own product of videos. You can already make your own video with editing with no professional help when you use this new technology. In making a superb video, however, you have to go through a special training to make it successful.

All you need is a working computer combined with new hardware and software improvements fit for video editing. With this, you can now start editing videos even without professional help or training.

Next thing to do would be to gather materials needed to edit your videos. Your computer must have DVD, VOB, MP$, AVI, FLV and 3GP software installed in your computer.

To make editing successful, make sure you take full advantage of the good parts while you minimize the bad parts. Using your computer, you need to transfer your video to your computer and then start editing. Using the software, music and effects can easily be added into your video. This increases the amusement factor of your work. Adding some personal touch to your videos will give the notion of your very own imprint.

Creativity is a necessary quality needed in video editing. You need to be very imaginative and strive to make your piece as good as possible for it not to be boring. The whole point of editing your videos is to make it more fun, but you must remember to enjoy the whole process. To get the best results, use your video editing software to the fullest . You can add some lights or you can add some glare and decorations. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box just to make your video cool and funny .

You can also add subtitles to your videos to aid people who might have difficulties in hearing. You can make the video editing experience a fun and interesting one. Just make sure you have the right stuff and you are good to go. Edit videos as much as you can and show it with your friends. That way, you can let them look at the fruit of your labor.

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