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Welcome To Playstation: PS3 Money Tournaments

July 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Recreation and Sports

There are a few big name software companies that contribute greatly to the world of gaming consoles. Sony is one of those companies, with its most famous PlayStation console released. As of now the most current system is the PS3, and it has many new capabilities that the first two editions did not. One of those abilities the enabling of tournaments through its console. They are appropriately named PS3 money tournaments.

The PS3 was released with the ability to receive internet and subsequently many software programs were designed for the system. This fact means there can be online tournaments held where players all over the world with same game can compete together. Money tournaments are very similar to online tournaments.

These multifaceted competitions are known as tournaments. They are simply the collection of players racing through a specific game in the objective of accomplishing some goal. Once the goal is accomplished the player who won the competition sometimes wins prizes and sometimes its prize enough for the player to see their user-name as number in the statistics. This type of competition is known as an online tournament. This differs from a money tournament because in the money tournament it can be private or public, where are the online tournament is always public. Also there is a cash prize or equivalent given to the winner at the end of a money tournament where as that could be the case but is not necessarily guaranteed for online tournaments.

The number of players are a big deciding factor in whether or not a tournament will played for money . If the tournament is indeed played for it then there has to be enough players to ante up money. Also if an online tournament that includes players from all over the world is played for money then the players will have to divulge personal information which goes against the privacy settings for most players. This, however can work but only in one scenario-if the money tournament is sponsored by the PS network and the overall winner is given the cash prize by the network instead of from the other players.

Yet again another characteristic of differentiating the two types are the steaks. The “steaks” a term used to describe the prize, object or title that the competition is played for. The steaks for an online can vary from a high status to small gift packages where as money tournament will have cash prizes or the equivalent given to the winner.

However, the steaks for a regular tournament can vary highly from the other type of tournament. The steaks for a regular tournament can be vary from anything of pride to small gift prizes. Also these prizes can be something that is given from the network to the ultimate winner or it can be something that players of the tournament contribute to the “pool” of prizes and that pile of prizes goes to the winner.

Although there are disadvantages of having a tournament. Some people believe that engaging in a tournament causes unsightly competition and destroys the camaraderie feeling that shared interacting known as video gaming creates.

Interacting and being social while achieving great hand-eye coordination can all be achieved simultaneously through the use of the console PS3 system and its affiliated network. Using this system one can become passionate about things and learn to have healthy self-esteem. Not only can one hope to increase their self-esteem, their interactions safely with other people who share similar interests as they do, but getting involved in competitions can result in the winning of cash prizes or other valuable gifts.

PS3 money tournaments give the player the fun of competing against other players. You can learn more about rules and opportunities by checking out the website at .

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