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We Are Back From A Great Holiday And I Enjoyed A New Experience

June 7, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Recreation and Sports

After a highly welcome break, we have returned from Fuerteventura. We had a fantastic time, lots of sunshine, sea, swimming, excellent tuck and drinks and in my case, I was able to get in some angling for a day too. Almost an idyllic vacation.

In the end, the angling was easier than I could have anticipated, although that it was very basic it made it more fun. The beach shops selling buckets and spades etc, also did a mini angling pack for 15 which comprised of a 5′ telescopic rod, reel with line ready wound, a float and a small selection box which contained a couple of rubber lures, various sizes of hooks, weights and a couple of swivels. Who needs a fishing tackle shop when you can get that kind of a deal?

Humour aside, the rod at least is really good, I was actually impressed. It is not carbon fibre or anything particularly hi-tech but it is useful and I have a feeling it may come in handy the next time I go angling on the local river, at least when I’m after small quarry. And of course the whole thing fitted into my holdall for hand luggage when we came home, so it was all jolly convenient.

I’d been talking to the chap who operates “Tommy Nutter’s” swimming pool bar which is on the Lumas villa complex where we were stopping, who is a very keen fisherman. He has a picture of himself supporting a massive Blue Tuna in his arms on the wall of the bar which he’s caught when deep sea angling. He’d used the services of an expert fishing tackle shop for that, by definition a sea angling specialist as there is no freshwater angling on Fuerteventura. John had advised me of several places around nearby Calletta de Fuste (the town we were closest to and also known as El Castille) where the angling was excellent. He also said that, even though the town ran to a fishing tackle shop, the best bait to try was uncooked grey prawns from the supermarket, peeled and pulled into small pieces.

And it worked too. John warned me to take a tea towel as there was a strong chance of snaring a venomous Puffer fish with unpleasant surprises in its spines, and this was good info as I got a pair of them. The tea towel was more practical than anything I may have found at the fishing tackle shop in order to disable the spines while I freed it. One section of my plan was dashed as John also informed me that in his 10 years on the island he had never caught anything from the shoreline large enough to put on the table, so my barbie plan was dead.

It was great fun, and a fresh experience for me, with no previous of having been angling in the sea before, and I didn’t have to drop in at the fishing tackle shop to get fully kitted out to do it. Great!


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