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Videos Paint A Thousand Words

June 27, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Advertising

Have you ever heard the term “a picture paints a thousand words”? You probably have. What about the term ” a video will paint millions of words”? Well, you probably haven’t heard that one because I made it up, but I’m sure it’s been said before. This is a true statement and will bring viewers to your blog or website. Text is a little different and is limited, but it can do some good.

Video testimonials just have a way of building trust and a relationship with people. It does far more than that of audio and text. You will actually be surprised at how many people will come to know you through a simple video. All you have to do is be yourself and suddenly, they think they know you. It is a powerful tool for those prospects who come to visit your website.

Okay, lets say that I come to you and say “Hey, I know what I’m doing, I will help you in your business”, that may be true but it won’t do half as much as another person would do that says “he is great and will help you out in your business.” Now that is a powerful testimonial and more people will accept that.

Also, don’t you ever think that it would be easy to just make up something somebody said and put it on your website? It just doesn’t work too well because most people already question the written testimonials.

I guess you could put a picture by the written testimonial and it’ll make it a little more believable, but it still will be full of scepticism. But if you take a testimonial and make it a video testimonial of the actual person, that scepticism will vanish just like that. It’s very hard to make up a video testimonial.

What video testimonials will do for you is let your clients, or potential, have a sense of trust in your business and products. That is a pretty easy concept to understand, that the more your clients trust in you, the more business you will get.

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