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Use Videos Testimonials Online

June 27, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Advertising, Traffic Generation

It’s becoming a proven fact the video is changing the way we do things. Would you rather read something or watch something? Well, I do know those who would rather put their face into a book than watching something, but for the most part, many would much rather watch something.
The truth is, there are more people who are going to trust a person if they see them on video, then they would a person who has merely written their testimonial down. That is the power of video. Whether you have a video showing how to use a product, have it for entertainment, or by simply having someone give their testimonial on one of your products, video is something people will always love.

With technology booming like it is with all the little gadgets that can play movies (iPod), it’s a good idea to have a video that you post weekly that will interest your audience enough so that they will want to download it or watch it. It brings in a whole new ball game associated with publicizing your website.

In time, these gadgets are going to become more common and popular, changing the way things are done. Right now, radio shows are very popular but will soon be overtaken by the TV shows, videos, Podcast, and many other types of media. By doing video testimonials, you provide a huge range of people you’ll be affecting.

So, an idea that many use is that of a vblog (short for video blog). All this means is that video is the main source of communication for the people who go through your site. This is a great way to introduce what your website is all about in the form of a video. Usually, you will have tons of videos on your site that allows audiences to respond to.

If you can attract your consumers with the right video, you will have plenty customers coming to you. Once they watch your eye-catching videos, the next thing people turn to is testimonials. They will look for what people have actually said about your product and or company. Again, a written testimonial is often read in a suspicious manner. When you have video testimonials on your website, the sales will shoot up.

It is quite plain that video is ever becoming an important use in all of our lives. It is being used over the Internet widely and all those people who now learn to properly put their videos online are going to be way ahead of the game. Videos (video testimonials, vblogs, etc.) will attract customers in like flies, if you know what I mean.

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