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Thinking About Continuing Your Education?

May 7, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

Deciding on whether to continue your education is not an easy decision to make. While it is a proven fact that increasing your level of education can be beneficial in providing you with the foundation to begin a new career, there are many other considerations you may need to be aware of before taking the plunge back into the educational system.

Going back to school is the most direct way to increase your chances of landing a better job and increasing your income. However, the choice to continue ones education as an adult who has been out of the education system for some time is not one that can, or should be made in haste.

One of the biggest considerations revolving around continuing education as an adult (or as some literature may classify you, a “mature student”) is how you can integrate school into your current lifestyle and current job. Do you have the time to take classes in addition to working? Taking classes as part of continuing your education likely means an accelerated curriculum, which means homework. A lot of homework. When looking at your current lifestyle and schedule, you have to take both factors into account – the time management to go to class, as well as the time management to successfully take on the homework that will go with the classes.

If you have children, this will make the decision even trickier. Some continuing education programs, if you’re taking classes locally, may offer recommendations as to child care for times when you are in class. If this is your position, it may be wise to investigate any of these options first before you carry on with registering for classes. If there is an intake program or any kind of general information sessions offered by the school you are considering, make it a priority to attend.

You’ll likely find out everything you need to know, and you’ll also have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you wish, in person to administrative staff. You can schedule an appointment with a counselor and discuss how to potentially integrate your classes and homework with your home life and children.

The next big consideration is finances. Going to school not only costs you time, but money as well. Again, investigate thoroughly what the costs will be for your classes. When looking at the potential costs, you must also factor in whatever associated costs are going to arise – driving or taking public transportation to school, parking fees, costs of child care and any additional books, materials or other associated things required for your chosen class. You may be required to have a specific type of computer or software or certain types of supplemental books or materials.

If you attend an information session or schedule an appointment with someone from the school, ask about what financial assistance options are available to you.

While there are likely to be many other particulars you’ll need to examine that are subject to your lifestyle and mindset. Many continuing education courses can be taken in virtual, online classrooms when distance is an issue. There are many more options available thanks to the internet and many classes and courses can be tailored to coincide with you existing schedule.

When you were attending grade school and high school, your school, timetable and homework commitment were not of your own design or choice. The experience of continuing your education as an adult can be highly rewarding. The feeling of accomplishment may mean much more to you as an adult who has chosen to continue their education at their own volition. The motivation for continued education is usually to upgrade your job skills or to pursue higher salaried jobs, but the benefit to your self-esteem should not be overlooked.

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