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Think Green To Improve Present-Day Environmental Problem

July 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Politics

The world we live in continues its downward spiral with nuclear power issues, natural calamities and people’s apathy toward our planet. Our worldEarth will end soon unless people snap out of their unconsciousness. There is a growing population, there is corruption, and there is a huge pollution crisis. What we need to do today is for all of us to go green.

Unfortunately, nearly all individuals have no idea what the term green living is in its genuine sense. Anything that causes a beneficial effect on our planet is green living. These are things that we must do so that the new generation will have a healthy place to live. The primary end result for living green is to have the environment be ecologically balanced. By living green, we can clean our surroundings by eliminating all the toxins in our environment. Green living will make our planet not just a better place to live today but for the future too.

Nature itself is struggling to preserve balance since it is being attacked from all sides. Each day the world becomes thirsty more as water is decreasing, and no end to be seen. Our cities are nothing but tall concrete buildings without any plant life to be seen. The air is so bad that you can’t walk too far without being dirty.

The succeeding generations will be left with no oil, people are utilizing more and more trees for paper supplies, and the environment is deteriorating on a daily basis. Every day, our world is confronting a number of environmental problems but everyone seems to be ignoring it. Thousands of people are being harmed by weird ecological disturbances that are happening around the world. Nature is struggling with imbalances and a considerable amount of pollution, along with fiscal crisis and global recession. Each day money is being expended on frivolous things while important issues are being brushed aside. No attempt is being made to deal with the issue of protecting the environment and convincing people to turn to green living.

What steps must we take so that we are in the habit of being green. Do we have the ability to work together to plant more trees, utilize less water and conserve electricity? Are people generally trying to clean up the environment and make it better for new generations? Are we doing enough to reduce the harm being done on our environment? Are enough people working to do better so that the later generations have something left? There is a little time left, but it is past time that everyone should be following a green way of life.

What do we have to do to modify our habits and be conscious of conservation. Can get together and save water, consume less power and plant new trees. Is everyone doing their best to clean up the planet so that we can have a better future? Are people doing enough to bring down the damage to the environment? Are there many people out there to preserve the environment for our children? There is not much time that remains so we must work fast to live green.

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