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These Tips Will Make Your Subject Lines Sizzle

July 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Web Design

Email marketing done properly can prove to be the backbone of your online business, but there are a few elements that you need to focus on to make it successful and, one of them happens to writing a good subject line. These tips will help you write attention grabbing email subject lines in no time.

People want information that can be put to work for them in an instant. Since so many people are hungry for adventure but lack the imagination and/or fortitude to create adventures of their own, they must rely on the teachings of those who have. Create a subject line that promises to teach your audience something new and see how quickly your clicks add up. The reason why people are subscribed to email lists is not because they’re waiting for you to send them multiple offers, but because they want to stay informed in every possible way. The people who have signed up for your list, want you to share your knowledge. If you give your audience solid information in the emails you send to them, they will read them. Your subject line has to tell them this very clearly so that they know what to expect in the email. Whether it’s tips, tactics, strategy, or general advice you’re offering it’s important to clue your audience in. Until people begin to click on your emails automatically, you’re going to have to use your subject lines to reel them in. 2. Make sure your subject line ends with three ellipses. This a very sneaky method for making your prospects curious to know what is coming on a subconscious level. Human beings are conditions to find things that have not been completed. Psychologically, they will be inclined to click on your subject line to discover what’s in the email. It like possessing an unfinished thought, which is why copywriters have been utilizing this strategy for years.

3) Make use of breaking news if you are promoting something that’s brand new or freshly out in the market. People like to try new things before anyone else so use this to create subject lines that do the selling for you.

An example of this would be, “Announcing the Version 2. 0 of XYZ – Even More Powerful”. This approach kills two birds with one stone; you’re letting readers know about the new product and you’re calling them to the action of learning more about it.

You can write fabulous subject lines that get results time after time if you put these great tips to work for you – no rocket scientist brain power needed.

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