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The WP Affiliate Mage Monster Is A Beast Ready To Be Unleashed.

July 9, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Software

The WP Affiliate Mage Monster details have officially been released. As you know with a lot of product launches, the information that is put out is generally written by the developers, and sometimes it can be tough to really get an unbiased opinion about what a product has to offer. This is made even more difficult by the fact that most affiliates just take the promotional material and use it word-for-word. Well, I was a beta tester for the program, and I already own a fully functional, licensed copy of Mage Monster. Below have tried to provide as much detail as possible to help you make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for you.

At it’s core, Mage Monster is a desktop application (PC, Mac or Linux) that allows you to quickly and efficiently create and manage affiliate websites built on the WordPress platform.

If you’re familiar with the original WPMage, you know that it was a server-side script. Although this made it very easy to build sites, you did need a little bit of technical knowledge to get through the process, and there was no effective way to manage a very large portfolio of sites. WPMage did a pretty good job of making it easy to manage all sites on a single server, but it was difficult to manage sites across servers.

If what I’ve described above made no sense to you, then don’t worry. Both of these challenges have been addressed with Mage Monster, and just about EVERYTHING is controlled from within the application. This simplifies the process so that just about anyone can easily build and manage affiliate sites effectively.

So, while the user interfaces with the Mage Monster desktop application, the actual sites are built behind the scenes using WordPress, so advanced users are still able to really customize sites in any way they’d like, including using custom themes or plugins.

OK, I’ve generally described the process for you, but I haven’t really told you what kind of sites Mage Monster can build. Well, the program is comprised of a few different “modules”:

Content Mage is what pulls the content for your site (text, photos and videos). You have a number of content sources to choose from, including Ezine, Yahoo Answers, Yahoo News, Article Base, YouTube and Flickr . If you own a license to The Best Spinner, you can even automatically spin the content to make it more unique.

Affiliate Mage allows you to monetize your sites with a variety of affiliate programs, including: eBay, Amazon, Commission Junction, Overstock, Linkshare, Chitika, Clickbank and Google Adsense. Of course, you can also add other monetization methods to your sites, but this is what is built in.

Group Mage is a module that capitalizes on the very popular “Group Buying” space. It allows you to monetize your blogs using Groupon, Tippr, or Crowdsavings. What’s really awesome about this is that it is geo-targeted, meaning your site visitors will see deals that are local to them.

Opt-In Mage is a feature that makes it easy for you to build an email list. This may not be something you want to add to every site, but it’s an awesome feature to have when you need it.

Facebook Mage is what Greg is describing as “The Panda Killer” in reference to Google’s recent Panda update. It will automatically create Facebook fan pages and have them link back to your site.

By now, you’ve probably got a sense of how powerful a system like this can be. On top of this, you are able to customize your templates to no end, so that you can precisely determine what you want your site to look like, without it looking like a “template”. The last thing you want is for your site to look like thousands of other sites out there.

Mage Monster also includes access to some proprietary resources:

The Article Mage Network will be a blog network that allows you to submit articles which include links back to your sites. Who doesn’t like free backlinks?

Keyword Mage is a tool that easily pulls “money” keywords directly from the eBay database. These keywords can be used to seed your blog posts so you can be sure that the content on your site will almost always pull relevant eBay ads.

Domain Mage is tied in to GoDaddy’s expired domains and auctions, allowing you to quickly sort and browse high quality aged domains that are available for purchase. You can improve your odds of success as an affiliate marketer if you’re able to start with a domain that the search engines already “trust”

The Mage Forums is where it all comes together. A community of Mage owners sharing tips and ideas. I’ve found this to be an invaluable resource and it has undoubtedly contributed to my success.

I can personally attest to the fact that the original Mage system works. I know many people making serious money with WPMage right now.and Mage Monster has taken that process and made it even easier.

You must order wp mage monster on 12th July which is launch day. This software will sell out fast, so order the mage monster as soon as possible.

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