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Protect Your Presentation With The Right Portfolio

July 6, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Business

Nothing could be more embarrassing than to arrive at a client’s office with damaged work to present. If this is an existing client, you may be able to reschedule the presentation. But if the person has never gotten a chance to know you and your work, this could blow it. You will have lost this opportunity, as well as any future opportunities for business with this client.

Avoid this scenario at all costs. Life never comes with a 100% guarantee, but there are ways to make it a bit safer. Choosing the best case to protect your work is the first step towards a guarantee of success.

You have a lot of options for choosing the materials your portfolio or case is made of. Some portfolios are made of leather, others of nylon material, and others are made of aluminum. While each has its own unique advantages, only the metal cases can give the kind of protection needed to get your project from one location to the next safely.

A quality metal portfolio case provides a rigid shell that will not bend or flex when it is bumped or leaned against. Despite your best efforts there is always the risk that someone will bump against you or cause you to drop your portfolio. If your case is not made of a hard material those situations can spell disaster. In that one careless moment, your hard work has been damaged.

Another advantage of metal portfolio cases over other types is in the way the case opens. Some of the soft-sided cases have a tendency to bend when they are opened. When that happens, any artwork that is stored there will also be bent. With a metal case the top opens on a hinge. The top will remain rigid, which will continue to protect the contents.

Some cases do not open completely. You are required to slide your work into and out of the case each time you make a presentation. Every time you pull your work out of the case or put it back in is an opportunity to bend or damage the work.

It is not always possible to keep your work in the perfect weather conditions. Not every day is cloud free and sunny. Many people have had to deal with wet presentations because their portfolio absorbed water in. Even if the cases material is water resistant, the zippered closure is not. Metal cases are designed in a way that they are more weather resistant, and much better able to withstand a short period in the rain.

When your potential income is at stake, it does not make sense to go cheap when choosing your next portfolio case. Check out what is available in metal cases and you will see for yourself why it is the best choice.

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