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The Stock Market and Betting.

April 27, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Diabetes

Last night I watched the film ‘Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps’. It exposed me to the world of the New York Stock Exchange, Investment Banking, and a little bit of Hollywood glitz and glamour. The film basically looked at how the stock market was essentially an exclusive ‘boys club’ that we, the general public weren’t invited to. They used techniques such as ‘shorting’ their stocks, which to the untrained eye sounds like an elaborate set of mathematical equations to calculate the sale price of their shares. As someone who likes to make money it got me curious.

After the film finished, I did a little research into how Stock Brokers such as Gordon Gecko and co make their money, and why it was such a financially rewarding career. It turns out, these guys are little more than high stakes gamblers. ‘Shorting’ stocks simply refers to betting on the value of a share falling – as simple as that. Now I don’t know about you, but I like to KNOW a bet is going to come off before I place it. I use betting advisory services such as Bet Thief to ensure that I can all but guarantee my investment in the bet is safe. These stockbrokers use little more than a ‘feeling’ and some luck to make sure that they win on their bets. I don’t need luck, I have Bet Thief.

Stockbrokers are playing a constant game of cat and mouse. Every time they lose big on the stock market, they have to make twice as much back to cover their loses and make a profit for their Investment Bank. Using tipster services such as Bet Thief, I always bet responsibly, and so I only usually place ?2 or so on every bet. This means, that on the odd occasion my horse doesn’t quite make it across the line, I’ve kept my losses minimal. It also means that when the next horse in the next race comes in I’ll make my money back and more straight away. This is something the city bankers could learn from. If stockbrokers had their own version of Bet Thief, you can bet your bottom dollar the worldwide recession wouldn’t have happened. As it is, I’m happy to share my thoughts with you on where stockbrokers are going wrong, and how Bet Thief could’ve helped them as it helped me, as I have had a few minutes to spare before the next race of the day, set to earn me yet more money!

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