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The Steps You Must Take If Your Child’s School Grades Are Failing

July 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Home and Family

There could be a few different reasons as to why your child could be experiencing academic issues at school. Your child might have had bad grades for a while, or you may have noticed it was a recent problem, regardless you can do a few things to help them. While it’s normal to be concerned, you should realize that many children have academic problems at one time or another. If you take an active interest and follow some of the suggestions we’ll be sharing in this article, you should be able to get your child back on track.

The biggest distractions to your children are the TV and the internet. They can both have their uses when learning though, the internet in particular. But, they can waste lots of your child’s time. Each hour that your child is distracted by watching TV, or surfing the web, is another hour that they’re not doing any studying. One important rule you should be strict with is no television or internet during study times. Don’t let them convince you that they can “multitask” and concentrate on their homework while watching their favorite show or chatting. The same principle applies to other various distractions as well. Time for studying should only be used for studying, nothing else. You may have heard of studies that show that listening to certain kinds of music can help the brain to work more efficiently. Listening to specific types of music will actually improve your brains focus, say some researchers. You might be able to assist your kids by doing this, and it’s called the Mozart Effect. Generally people use classical music to try and concentrate, however it may not be an easy task trying to get your children to listen to this sort of music! A good way of encouraging them is to simply have the music playing in the background whilst they are studying. This effect can be enhanced even more by simply signing them up for some lessons in music.

If you have a child who finds some subjects rather difficult you can help keep their motivation up by giving them rewards when they do a good job. Children may not see themselves getting a higher grade as a type of reward. Creating your own rewards system is a good idea, and it can be as simple or complex as you want. Turning it into a sort of game can be great. Your child would obtain points by passing a test, and more points would be rewarded for better grades. These points will then be eligible for redemption, and your child can redeem them for prizes like sweets, toys or some movie tickets. Use your imagination, as this method can be a very good way of motivating your child, so the rewards must excite them.

In this article we’ve seen a few different tips for assisting your child with their school work. Every child is very different, so some techniques might not work as well with one child as they will with another, so take into consideration your child’s personality when deciding on what to do. Don’t stop trying to help your child until you find what really motivates them to reach their real potential.

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