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The Pregnancy Miracle or perhaps the Pregnancy Scam?

July 11, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Pregnancy

The Pregnancy Miracle is a pretty innovative e-book by author Lisa Olson which makes some rather lavish claims as to its usefulness in treating inability to conceive together with purely natural methods. There are an excellent number of females who have problems with infertility troubles and attempting to fix these issues is becoming big business. From fertility clinics to surrogate moms to alternative cures, there are many options available. Regardless of the amount of alternatives, nevertheless, the success rate of managing infertility is rather low. Lisa Olson’s The Pregnancy Miracle claims it’s the 100% solution.

The Miracle
The Pregnancy Miracle is really a holistically created fertility plan making use of the tenants of thousands of years of traditional Chinese medicine to make wonderful final results. It is 100% guaranteed to work and includes a 60 day return policy if the buyer just isn’t pleased. It handles the fundamental of the inability to conceive in a multi-faceted, independently balanced method that may reinforce the reproductive system as well as counter the difficulties within the body that produce infertile conditions.

In addition to curing infertility, the Pregnancy Miracle additionally promises that it offers additional benefits, such as hormonal stability, improved all around health, decreased possibility of losing the unborn baby, and decreased pain in the course of childbirth. If little else, it could be worth the price exclusively for these by itself. By using a mixture of a fertility diet as well as an imparted knowledge of exactly how the potential mother’s entire body functions, it enables her to increase her fertility and at some point conceive. Lisa Olson herself claims to have employed the Pregnancy Miracle to reduce her own troubles.

Success Stories
The Pregnancy Miracle web site is full of accounts from ladies who have utilized the program and experienced good results. The site claims a success rate about 27 out of 35 ladies in their preliminary trials and, although not 100%, this really is nevertheless a remarkable amount. The existence of the money-back warranty would appear to suggest that Olson is confident enough in her creation that she’s ready to put her money exactly where her mouth is.

Zero Testimonials?
Unfortunately, the Pregnancy Miracle doesn’t have confirmed success stories beyond the product sales pitches of the item. Fertility help community forums as well as infertility support internet sites contain zero accounts of anybody utilizing the product and getting a result, which seems unusual. If large communities of individuals who deal with infertility troubles regularly do not have anything to state, then who’s there to offer dependable accounts of the Pregnancy Miracle as well as its successes? In fact, the few mentions of the Pregnancy Miracle that can be discovered, which aren’t primary advertisements, are damaging. Accusations that almost all the data was plagiarized are another concern.

Worth the $40?
The statement that The Pregnancy Miracle tends to make to 100% usefulness may be a bit overblown. Even the website itself simply refers to one investigation of 35, and that not necessarily totally successful. Browsing the internet, one finds that almost all the top websites linked to The Pregnancy Miracle tend to be advertisement sites which talk up the item with little factual basis. Costing lower than forty dollars, this product is not a huge risk when looking for an answer to the inability to conceive, but any prospective buyer might be best to take the amazing statements with a touch of suspicion.

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