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The Power of charms in Silver bracelet

June 4, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Self Improvement

Mankind is very superstitious. It is this ability to relate incidences to each other that led to the carrying and wearing of charms. Say a lady puts on a particular necklace and that day she gets free lunch. The next time she puts it on the same thing happens. As the incidence repeats itself, the lady reinforces her belief in the ability of the necklace to pull some free lunch towards her. It therefore becomes her good luck charm.

Charms can be worn in many places but most of them are worn on wrists just like the silver bracelet charms. Traditionally tingle charms were worn by men to ward off evil spirits in war. Women wear them to increase their fertility.

The present day fashion industry has discovered the allure of both silver bracelet charms and tingle charms and is offering all manner of these items for sale. Many famous and leading fashion houses are now championing for the inclusion of a tingle charm as an accessory. Fashionistas too are catching up fast, going by the extent to which various online resellers are coming up and the number of jewelers that manufacture silver bracelet charms.

Typical silver bracelet charms are made to a sterling finish. There are those that have fixed pendants attached, while others allow for the pendant to be changed according to the wearer’s mood and the occasion, or should we say according to the good luck being desired. One can create his or her silver charm bracelet before finally an order for it online. The jeweler will then make the bracelet according to your specifications and ship it to your address just in time for the occasion. This is made possible by the power of the internet and various artistry software it has, which do not need any downloads. Payment is done through the myriad of credit card processing portals, depending on which one the two are comfortable with. However, it might be safer to escrow the funds.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, tingle charms are not named because they give the wearer a tingling sensation at random intervals. They are so called because they are easy to attach or remove to a bracelet. They have tiny clasps that make it easy. Some types of charms make small sound as the wearer moves about while others are pretty silent. But what is common among them is that they do have a unique shine that can be seen by all and sundry. The clasps enable the wearer to change his or her look at any occasion, yet maintain the charm itself. Now if that isn’t cool, then what is?

Modern charms are just that, modern. They are elegant and crafted into sophistication so that whenever you wear one it is no longer just an attraction of good luck but an expression of beauty and individuality. Then again the charm will definitely put a smile on your face, I don’t know how they do it but trust me, you wont be in that bad mood if you have one of these tingle charms worn.

One can buy any of the charms online. Most online jewelers have a wealth of experience in crafting charms and bracelets. They will gladly guide you into choosing the perfect one for yourself. Most online shops offer a huge selection at great discount prices most of the time. All you need to do is browse a little bit more and you will end up with a fantastic charm. You can buy a charm or a silver bracelet for yourself or for a friend as a gift. You may also choose to start a private collection of charms as a hobby.

Are you thinking of acquiring silver bracelet charms? Visit the author’s blog to know how to attach tingle charms onto them.

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