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The Importance Of Cutting Back On The Paper Products You Use Up

July 20, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Education

There is a terrible amount of waste from paper products. We have to ask ourselves how many trees were cut down in order to keep up with our needs. There is more carbon dioxide present in the air these days because the trees that live off the carbon dioxide are gradually disappearing. It’s hard to determine the effects of having fewer trees but there is an impact nevertheless. To help this situation, there are many ways to cut back on the use of paper products, not merely at home, but at work as well.

One of the big wastes of paper, and time as well, is junk mail. You can minimize your paper waste by more or less 1/3 by just going online and opting out of obtaining it that way. For each of your accounts, eliminate the paper statements, and choose to do your billing online. This will reduce a lot of the paper you get each month, and make things much simpler by checking out your statements online. As soon as you have your accounts set up online, paying bills will be very simple.

If you need something for your records, simply print out what you need, and forget about the parts that you will never need. You’ll be able to save paper by paying onlinepaying your bills online since there is no check to write and no envelope to use. It isn’t going to take a long time to create an online account. Some folks are afraid to do it because of security. If you prefer not to keep signing in to your accounts to pay your bill, you do have the option to do auto payments. It not merely makes bill paying simple, but it also ensures that you pay your bills on time.

When you are buying paper products, find brands that use recycled materials. There are numerous products, such as notebooks, notecards, and others, that are today made from recycled paper. Even paper towels and napkins are being sold that are created with paper that has been recycled. Also, you can reduce the use of paper towels by switching to cloth rags and towels for the kitchen. At the office, you can reduce your paper use too, and you can encourage your co-workers to do the same. You can have a conversation with your manager to discuss ways that the company can reduce paper use.

You will find many uses for used paper, including writing down telephone messages on the back sides of paper that has been used. It’s fine to use any sort of used paper as long as it is not required for professional work. If you need to print out a lengthy document, see if your printer can print both sides. You will be able to save as much as 50% of paper used by merely making double-sided copies.

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