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The Artistry of a Garage Door

May 29, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Home and Family

Today people are taking more time to personalize their garage doors and make them look good. With special types of paint, people are paying to have beautiful pictures of art painted on their garage doors. They are having their favorite memories painted, sunsets, air balloons, three-dimensional art objects; anything one can imagine is being painted on people’s garage door. By doing this, the garage door is seen completely different, unique to an individual personal style.

Such artwork that you may wish to add to your garage door will not be cheap, but will make your door very exclusive. It also is very expensive for the maintenance, because it is paint and with the elements, it will chip, peel, and fade. So, when considering artwork on your garage door, you also need to consider how much you will need to pay in maintenance every year.

People have also invented a plastic sheet covering for garage doors as a different way of displaying their artwork. This is actually a much more cost effective way of decorating your garage door. If you wish to customize your own garage doors, there are so many different designs from which you can choose. You can have the dream car you always wanted, or the boat you wish was in your garage, your favorite animal, character, tropical scenery, anything you can imagine can be placed on your garage door. The sheeting method really is cost effective. You can change this artwork very easily and frequently as one would like.

Another form of artwork found around the garage door these days is sculptures. Depending on the actual placement of the sculpture it may be very difficult to open your door. Adding metal or things that weigh a lot directly to your garage door will impede the opening process. When you decide to add this kind of art work to your garage door, it really is as a way of self expression. Often such artwork will give a great appeal to the outside of your home, but will not allow you to have a fully functioning garage door.

With such materials available, your garage door need no longer be a boring part of your home. You can turn an unsightly garage door that is typical in color and style into a beautiful one-of-a-kind work of art. You now can take a picture of the opening of the garage door and place it over the closed door making the garage door look open when it’s closed.

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