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The Art Of Psychic Powers

July 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Education

Psychic powers have long been a mysterious and unstudied area. True paranormal powers afford some people with an almost superhuman perception of things that others are not aware of, or simply do no not see. Due to the lack of understanding and information concerning such abilities it is no wonder that many people have been confused and frightened of these powers and talents.

While most individuals possess some degree of psychic powers hidden within, it is only a limited few who can display a high level of psychic skill.

In case of psychics, a sixth sense develops over and above the usual five sense organs through which he perceives the psychic information that others cannot.

While some possesses the psychic powers of precognition and retrocognition, or ability to predict the future and past respectively, others can see spirits and other energy forms which cannot be seen otherwise.

Gradually over time, various names have been given to refer to psychic people such as these. Some of these names are – soothsayer, fortuneteller, oracle reader, wise man, mentalist, etc.

In fact, there have been myriads of pretenders to be truthful, and those people have added fuel to the fire of controversy.

If all of are possess psychic powers within us then why do we need to pretend being a psychic? All we have to do is tap into these inherent abilities and develop it so that these abilities become stronger and controllable by us so that we can use it whenever the need arises.

In order to achieve this, one needs to balance his mind, spirit and emotions. In order to do so, one must learn meditation properly.

True psychics are able to flush out all negativity from their minds and open them up to the infinite energy and emotions of the universe that can be both seen and unseen.

If you meditate and practice your psychic abilities regularly, you will instantly come alive. There will be a sense of happiness and understanding and you will feel creativity bursting from within.

You need to schedule deep meditation at least once daily. A thirty to sixty minutes regime of deep and focused concentration each day will be enough to cleanse your mind off all negativity.

Find yourself a calm and quiet place where there are minimal distractions. This place may be in your home, in a nearby park or even in a cave but make sure it is somewhere you can concentrate without getting disturbed.

Start by studying the emotions and energies that course through your body while you meditate and try to learn the art of dispelling negative thoughts by focused concentration and deep breathing.

Gradually, you will become more aware of energies and attuning abilities to higher frequencies. Your psychic powers will get developed to their full potential when you can successfully attune to the cosmic energy that connects everything in the universe.

Practice makes a skill perfect. So go ahead and practice your skills through things like palmistry and tarot card reading amidst friends and family. But remember that if you have a subject with an open mind then sensing of psychic vibrations and images become a lot easier.

Daily practice is the surest and the best way to develop your latent psychic abilities to their fullest potential. If you meditate daily, you will develop the skills of viewing the energetic aura that surround each and every individual on this planet. With time and practice, you will be able to the colours and sizes of the auras of different people naturally, without having to concentrate much.

Moreover, you would also be able to identify illnesses of people from their auras which they themselves are not aware of and even get to know of their true intentions.

As your psychic abilities grow stronger with time, you will be able to catch glimpse of the past, present as well as future of the person. You must put in more effort at this point so as to be able to channel such abilities on command.

The psychic ability to communicate with the departed souls has always been a topic of both controversy and fascination. Infact, children are thought to be adept as such capabilities.

Children are always stronger in psychic abilities since they do not yet have defense walls built from fear of the unknown. It is us adults who have been conditioned to rely on things which we are bale to see and hear and thus do not have an open mind for communication otherwise.

Children are always stronger where psychic powers are concerned since unlike adults they have an open mind towards things that they cannot understand. Adults need to bring down their defenses and relearn not to fear the unknown and unseen.

So keep all such preconceived notion about the unknown at bay and take a lesson from the children. You will see that once all such negativity is flushed out, connecting to the infinite energy around us is a simple task.

Psychic abilities are natural phenomenon and how much we are born with and how much we block out are the factors to be considered.

Thus, by giving in a little time and effort one can develop his inherent psychic powers and make the world around him a much better place to live in.

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