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Thai Tea Recipe Simple and Tasty in the world

July 13, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Recipes

consumption of tea is carried on from olden times. New variations made in preparing tea and coffee have resulted in to more delicious tea which has been readily accepted by consumers because of increase in standard of living of people.

The country is full of small tea\coffee outlets providing coffee in plastic bag with a straw in it because this is the way in which most people prefer because of their busy schedule. Even these coffee shops don’t have seats.

One of the most famous tea type demanded nowadays on a large scale is thai iced tea. This tea is called as “cha-yen” in home language used there the translation of which means Thai tea. The main item used in preparing the tea is a strong black tea.

Ingredients required for preparing this tea are readily available in all types of market which may include Strong black tea, sugar and condensed milk for making the black tea sweet and various other food colours like the orange blossom water, star anise etc for making the tea more delicious and also some species as per the requirement this is a perfect answer to the question How to make Thai iced tea.

The ingredients of ice tea are these but what about the thai tea recipe It is very simple to prepare the recipe. This team can be prepared using milk and without using milk which are known as cha-yen and cha-dum-yen respectively.
One tea spoon of sugar, milk and condensed milk is added to a hot cup of water for preparing tea with milk.
Two table spoon of tea powder is to be added.
The above mixture is to be stirred in a glass till the milk and condensed milk is dissolved.
The last step in preparing the Thai tea is to take the newly formed mixture into a new glass and to be served with flavored ice cream and other spices.

While preparing tea without milk the quantity of sugar is to be increased for removing the bitterness of black tea. Now additional variations are being made while preparing the tea the most common of which is the Dark Thai tea having the taste of traditional tea and Lime Thai tea having the taste of lime in it.
With the availability of new as well as existing flavors the tea is considered the most delicious one all over the world.

How to prepare Thai tea has been answered suitably making the preparation of tea more easy.

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