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Stretch Marks and Conception – Coping with Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

July 8, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Pregnancy

For anyone who is pregnant you will know that the body experiences a considerable amount of adjustments. Your midriff extends just like a balloon and other spots simply just commonly are not the same size that they were once. However it’s worth it to understand that before long you’re going to be holding that priceless little one in your hands.

Then again, you still cannot help stressing on the subject of acquiring stretch marks. This article will talk about just what stretch marks are as well as your chance of getting them. It will also give you some good suggestions about combating stretch marks when pregnant.

Stretch marks evolve in the middle layer of our skin which happens to be made up of collagen. When the skin is stretched continually beyond the break down stage, the body will try to compensate simply by sending more collagen to the over-stretched area. The surplus collagen is exactly what results in scar like tissue – stretch marks, to grow.

Experts say that the prospects of you getting stretch marks when pregnant rises if your mother experienced stretch marks when pregnant.

However there are things that you’re able to do to protect yourself from stretch marks during pregnancy. The following pointers provide you with the upper hand in the battle to prevent stretch marks.

1. Eat a wholesome healthy diet and also get plenty of fluids. Rapid weight gain is a very common root cause of stretch marks and is harmful for you along with your newborn. Eating correctly in pregnancy will help you keep the weight gain in check. Chat with your health care provider regarding how much weight you should gain while pregnant. Just because you are eating for two does not mean that you have approval to overdo it. Stay hydrated to maintain the skin properly hydrated and pliable.

2. Acquire your pre natal vitamin supplements. Your body requires excess health supplements at the moment thus taking your vitamins will certainly boost these requirements. It will help you develop attractive skin and hair while pregnant.

3. One more means of avoiding stretch marks is to apply lotions and creams which contain vitamin E or else cocoa butter. Rub such skin creams on to your skin where stretch marks happen to be developing. The caressing activity on its own will be able to improve flow of blood to this location plus diminish visible stretch marks. There are plenty of lotions that you can buy which claim to lower the visual appeal of stretch marks. You may need to try out a few to determine exactly what is effective for you.

For a few ladies there is no way to circumvent stretch marks. Nonetheless, the good news is that they do reduce after a while. They will likely assume a significantly paler tone dependant upon your skin color. In the event the stretch marks still affect you, talk to a dermatologist concerning the most beneficial treatment solution.

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