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Stitch And Glue Boat Plans

July 22, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Boats

If you are an avid woodcraftsman, then you would have had a lot of wood crafting projects under your belt. As a woodcraftsman, you may have already done numerous projects such as wooden furniture sets and the like. However, if you are a woodcraftsman and your home is near a lake or any body of water, then you might have thought about making a wooden boat of your own.

Creating your very own wooden boat may become a very challenging task even for any experienced woodcraftsman. Creating a duck hunting boat with your own hands is quite a challenging feat and only a few experienced woodcraftsmen will take on such a project. However, if you are an avid boater and would like to make your very own boat, there are wooden boats designs that can easily be followed. Examples of these designs are the stitch and glue boat plans.

Stitch and glue boat plans are simple boat building designs that will allow even the most novice woodcraftsman to build his or her very own boat. This method uses simple materials such as plywood and epoxy glue. Stitches are also used in creating this simple wooden boat. The stitches are responsible for holding the pieces together while the glue is drying. Because of this, there is no longer a need for stems and chines. In this technique, plywood boards are cut into detailed profiles and are held together by stitching them with a wire or any suitable material. The best material used for stitching is copper wire because it can be twisted easier to tighten the stitching. Copper wires are also a popular choice for stitch and glue boat plans because they can easily be sanded after the glue is applied. When these plywood boards are stitched together, they form an accurate hull shape.

When the hull shape is formed through the stitching process, glue is then applied to the joins. You can apply the glue inside or outside the boat. When the glue is dried, the copper wire used for stitching the hull together is then snipped and sanded down. Application of fibreglass and glue to the entire boat is suggested to create a composite material making the boat extremely durable and water proof.

Stitch and glue boat plans were developed by Ken Littledyke who is a woodwork teacher specializing in canoe making. This technique was then made popular to the public by Do-It-Yourself TV host Barry Bucknell in th 1960′s. The purpose of the stitch and glue boat plans was to make boat building within the reach of the average person.

When you use stitch and glue boat plans, you can make your very own boat within a day. If you are a family man, you may want to consider building your boat with your children so that you can have an enjoyable bonding moment together. There is a sense of pride when you are able to ride your boat at a lake and knowing that you and your children made the boat by yourselves.

For one the most satisfying things you can make with your hands you cannot look past building a boat. You can check out my blog where I showcase the Stitch and Glue Wooden Boat my husband built. My husband loves the boat and loves to show it off evey chance he gets.

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