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Starting To Learn Remote Viewing Methods

July 6, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Education

Remote viewing methods and techniques will vary. However, remote viewing is an innate ability to see or view a particular object by simply using the power of the human mind.

Somewhat like having an out of body experience or doing ‘astral travel,’ it’s not quite the same thing. Instead, remote viewing uses your natural extrasensory abilities and psychic powers, and you can develop them into this particular skill.

Everyone have this bliss of remote viewing within themselves. In fact this is quite a natural and normal occurrence. But in some cases individuals may not recall the ways or methods of remote viewing even though it may be within them innately. As a result this gift starts to wither off and ultimately the person may not be able to use his power any more. This gift helps a psychic to perceive things situated at huge distances and that too without moving.

The methods for remote viewing are in fact seen by most as paranormal and not so natural occurrence. It is also said that these methods are not so old too. However these remote viewing methods though considered as not so normal were there from times unknown.

It’s remote viewing, whatever you prefer to call it.

You might’ve heard of somebody who’s a clairvoyant, which is a person who can pick up a message with no sender. When a message has a sender and receiver, that’s generally called ‘telepathy.’

Sometimes remote viewing can be instigated by maternal love in which a mother may view from far away that her children need help.

We must be always try to keep an open mind to nurture our extra sensory perceptions. In fact we also need to grow our body, mind and soul to feel and perceive things that are there for centuries now.

What Is Involved In Various Remote Viewing Methods?

Learning to use your remote viewing ability depends on reaching the proper state of consciousness. If you’ve already had some training in using your natural psychic talents or you’ve had some experience with visualization techniques or meditation, then you’ll have a head start on reaching the relaxed state which makes remote viewing possible

When you explore the guided practice of visualization and meditation as an aspect of remote viewing methods, you can concentrate your mind power and focus on those areas or subjects you wish to visualize.

These techniques are not so time consuming or difficult and so they in no way will become an obstacle in the way of our lives. We just need to keep our cool and try to perceive the images or messages that we feel or see as we go on with such training.

You can also use other helpful tools when you learn how to alter your state of consciousness and increase your psychic skills and development. For example, various books, sound technology tapes, CDs, and so on can contain useful information that will enhance your ability to do remote viewing.

By taking the time needed to investigate these various types of remote viewing methods and technique, you will discover some plans work better than others. Then, there will be some programs that will not deliver very much in terms of their use. Finding the best methods will prove to be the key to being successful in your remote viewing sessions.

It is essential that you trust your natural instincts and impressions. Even though as you are learning to hone this type of extra sensory skill, many images may not make any sense you shall still trust them and yourself.

As with other types of learning, no matter the subject matter, you can begin small and then advance when you’re practicing remote viewing, progressing from one step to the next.

So for example, when it comes to remote viewing, you might want to simply select six or so simple, clear images. You can get these images anywhere you please, by purchasing them, by taking photographs for them, or by drawing them.

Place these graphics in an envelope and seal. Then you can use them to practice and test your abilities. Make sure you record your practice and testing sessions in your remote viewing journal.

It’s important that you remain patient with yourself and the results you receive while you’re practicing and learning various remote viewing techniques and methods.

Before too much time goes by, you’ll likely notice that remote viewing becomes much easier for you, and you’ll enjoy being able to see what you want to see, when you want to see it.

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