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Skin care after your IPL treatment

June 30, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Fashion

Intense Pulsed Light, commonly known to many as IPL, has been employed by doctors from the world over to get rid of unwanted body hair. Doctors who have perfected their art in physiology and pathology of the skin have been able to permanently cut down the amount of body hair courtesy of this IPL treatment.

In most cases during IPL administration, some light is sent through the skin surface to the inner skin tissues, targeting the root of the hair. A number of these tissues beneath the skin are hit by these huge light spectra; among the tissues hit are the papilla tissues and the hair follicles. Unfortunately, some tissues are destroyed in the process. To lend weight to this fact, it has been irrefutably proven that the strong radial heat shone on the hairs actually burns down the only organs that are responsible for the production of human hair. However, there can be some collateral damage that comes in the wake of this IPL treatment, evidenced by the thin swellings, reddening of pigmentation, abnormal sensations and occasional blistering.

To fully recuperate from these side effects that are inevitable after an IPL treatment, medical practitioners agree that proper skin care after treatment is necessary to help it recover:

Having your skin compressed against a cold pad and going through a steady Vitamin therapy may help alleviate the above side effects and relieve pain. Remember that an advanced vitamin therapy can only be done after a doctor’s prescription. Similarly antibiotic ointments or balms could be administered where blisters are involved. In cases where the skin is observed to be sloughing off after an IPL treatment, you are advised not to peel it off manually; instead one is required to allow the skin enough time to heal itself naturally.

In addition to the above, you also ought to know that freshly treated areas are very sensitive to light, especially sunlight hence, avoid exposure to direct sunlight to ward off irregularities on the skin pigmentation. It is therefore recommended that an individual who has just gone through an IPL treatment to stay indoors, and wear a hat to cover the face or shield the skin with an umbrella to block out the much dreaded UV rays from the sun.

Some drugs make the skin more sensitive to sunlight making one vulnerable to unsafe radiations. Administration of any other drugs after an IPL treatment should therefore be stopped. Before your IPL treatment, you should have disclosed to your doctor or esthetician which drugs you take on a regular basis and he or she will tell you which ones you need to stop. If, during or immediately after the IPL sessions, you have to take any medications (prescription or otherwise) do consult with your doctor before taking them.

Taking care of your skin after IPL treatments are important to ensure that the procedure goes as planned, and avoids any side effects from becoming full-blown problems later on. Remember these tips and of course, if you have any questions, your doctor or esthetician should be able to answer them.

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