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Signs To Look Out For – Remote Viewer Techniques

July 18, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Education

Imagine for a moment what it would be like to be the remote viewer, especially if you have never taken a remote view or at least remembered being a remote viewer.

A remote viewer has the ability to go anywhere they want to, see things that they want to see, exactly when they want to. Whether you choose to stay in the present time to investigate an event that is going on currently or travel to the past to witness something amazing that took place in history, remote viewing makes it possible. Wouldn’t it be amazing to look twenty years into the future to see what is going to happen?

Hence, with your remote viewing skills, the experiences you have might rouse various issues, solutions and ideas. While these can be extremely interesting, they might be highly beneficial too.

Though many people feel that they have lost any extra sensory perceptions that they might have had, the fact remains that anybody and everybody in this wide world can become a remote viewer.

There are means of perception which lie in our subconscious that allow us a wider view of the world than is available through our five physical senses. With some training, you can use these abilities and view the universe differently.

Generally, remote viewing involves visualizing an area or location that you may not know anything about.

Research subjects undertaking such tests infact had no idea of the actual location that they were viewing in their mind’s eye. Only a coordinate keyword was provided to them as their only point of reference.

This does not necessary conclude that one cannot remote view a location that is known to him. Infact he can view this place with equal ease during his practice sessions of remote viewing.

Many governments throughout the world has invested millions of dollars into the investigation of the power of the mind and its ability to work with such powers as remote viewing. Other such powers that have been investigated include paranormal skills such as lucid dreaming, astral travel, and psychic abilities.

Remote viewing really isn’t as odd as it may seem when you first hear of it. It’s something which every single one of us can do as long as we work to develop our latent psychic talents. Once you learn how to access these mental capabilities, you can use your abilities as a remote viewer anytime you like.

What Do You Do To Enhance And Develop Your Natural Remote View Abilities?

Since, remote viewing is a form of power of the mind it has to either come naturally to you or be developed with conscious effort.

One way of training is through guided meditation and the other method involves visualization. These strategies will help develop the frame of mind and clear relaxation needed to be a remote viewer.

It is important to take the necessary time out to enter into a relaxed mind frame and practice the much needed methods of meditation in order to find the right ones that will work the best for your needs.

Keep in mind that it will take time and effort, therefore you should not become impatient or irritable with yourself while you are trying to achieve your goals as a remote viewer.

It is also certainly helpful to be sure to avoid being disturbed when you are trying to be a remote viewer. This is true both during the action itself and during training/practice sessions. Remaining in an environment that is quiet and comfortable is usually the best way to get great results from a remote viewing session.

One way to help improve your odds of success is to get a notebook to record the many details on remote viewer experiences and tests. You may work with many types of remote viewer items that you use to develop your much needed skills and talents.

Including a remote viewer journal can be very helpful to you since you can keep track of your progress and figure out just what works best for you.

All human beings have these natural talents, gifts, and skills. But, we have lost many of these psychic abilities but it is possible to regain them and other psychic abilities. It is possible to awaken these natural tools so they may work for us. This helps us bring the focus needed to realize our innate powers.

Yes, there is much you can learn about your own past, present, or future and becoming a remote viewer is one such way to see such things in the clearest light.

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