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Medical Marketing SEO and Business Websites

May 2, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

Search engine marketing for Doctors, chiropractors, physicians, dentists and cosmetic, plastic surgeons is a highly specific field of Internet Marketing requiring expertise in review management reputation overseeing, internet Marketing, video marketing and search engine optimization. Having a basic website is just the beginning of a viable marketing strategy for plastic surgeons serious about internet medical marketing. There are so many avenues of marketing potential that can lead back to your website these avenues of marketing include social media, video marketing, blogs news releases press releases PR, articles, podcasts and review websites. If you are a plastic surgeon that is still utilizing offline marketing such as newspapers local TV channels and more local radio the truth is search engine marketing and Internet Marketing can be a better cost effective strategy in that it is working 24 hours a day marketing your plastic surgery practice. A newspaper advertisement may run for a week, this along with the fact that newspapers are diminishing in size and customers as people now get most of their information from the Internet.

And when you’re devising the search engine marketing strategy for your plastic surgery practice take note with what your competitors are doing. In Los Angeles the competition factor for plastic and cosmetic surgeons is a hundredfold. If you can look at some working models of websites than been designed for plastic surgeons you can get an idea of what is best suited for your practice in regard to client conversion. Search engine optimization can greatly improve your patient lead ratio. New patients become aware of your services by various means on the Internet, about 90% of these potential patients were clients will look and reviews. If you’re looking for search engine optimization company their reputation management issues that can occur within any medical practice are of top priority in order to create any stop loss environments.

Plastic surgery marketing and Medical Marketing in general is also benefiting from the huge leveraging marketing factors within social Media Marketing. Web sites like facebook Youtube and twitter are helping many practices with their online marketing strategy. Many users and social media refer other friends and associates to businesses and business services they may see a promotional advertisement on facebook and pass it along to their friends. If someone within social media has a friend interested in plastic surgery they may send your blog, video or social media posting and put it on facebook wall. The trick behind social media and getting a return on investment of time spent within social media is remember that it is mainly promotional in nature. This means that if your marketing a non invasive procedure such as botox or facial fillers, you can run a weekly or monthly special that will generate leads and referrals to your plastic surgery center.

Of course the website and the home page of the website is still the most crucial factor in terms of new client leads up up and patient referrals. To get the most out of your home page on our website and use of the strategic placement of the navigation pages which are most relevant to your specific expertise and services. If you were to cure expertise happens to be liposuction then not only can this be featured on the home page, also the different forms of liposuction as in laser lipo, tumescent liposuction, tummy tuck and no scar or no scalpel liposuction procedures can be on the navigational pages. Another area for consideration when marketing for plastic surgeons is location based marketing. The city in which in practice will be definitive in terms of how hard it is to gain local clients. If you are looking at cosmetic surgery Los Angeles your search engine optimization strategy will need to compete with major plastic surgery centers in the area. Many plastic surgery centers may advertise in a franchise and have an incredible budget which you must compete with. However, by allocating Internet Marketing to address specialization and localization you can capitalize where these major markets are located.

In your strategy to deal with other competing surgeons in your area there are some basic strategies that can specialize your services and Medicaid and mitigate this content to defined localized regions in your city. Example, even if you are a cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles you can still achieve local ranking with your website if there is a particular noninvasive for specialized cosmetic surgery procedure that you perform. In Los Angeles for example are queries for Asian cosmetic surgery. Obviously the Asian population in Los Angeles makes this a viable commodity for any plastic surgeon performing eyelid surgery. Another aspect to consider is the promotional nature of online Internet Marketing. If your plastic surgery practice ran a promotional special on say botox or facial fillers, you can run these advertisements on facebook or within local promotional websites such as groupon. There are many ways to market plastic surgery and cosmetic surgeons would you need to elicit is a good search engine marketing company that combines social media, video marketing, reputation management and search engine optimization for plastic surgeons as their specialty.

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