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Sensors And Broken Garage Doors

July 7, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Home and Family

Close to 90 percent garage door openers have a similar frequency as that of the radio systems at around 125 bases. The radio systems at the military bases operate on higher frequency than the door opener and hence marring its features. The issue so far does not have a permanent solution however, many users pay a price to get the door fixed time and again

The technical director of the manufacturer’s forum has a view that if manually repaired, the door opener can have a better frequency Repairing the door by self will be cheaper, but if you hire professionals for the same, it may cost double the amount. The primary need for the consumer is to be aware of the issue before going for any repairs. In most cases, people replace the battery and the opener in case it doesn’t work

Even without having it installed, a running a new opener can leave you poorer by approximately $200 There is a huge difference in what the government officials think in comparison to the industry officials regarding the effect Industries think it will have a vast impact whereas, the government has a different opinion altogether On the contrary the chief of National Telecommunications does not seem to be bothered by this as claims that the airwaves should not be a problem outside the military areas. The starting of the system causes the maximum trouble

You may want to refrain using the opener for some time and then try again. However, the officials from Pentagon claim that the effect can’t be traced beyond a radius of 10miles For a distance of as far as 50 miles, there can be interferences pertaining to these waves The chief information officer claimed that the radio sets at the base have similar frequency with close to 50 million garage door openers.

Being locked out of the door could be a possibility for those who have houses around the base and fail to carry the keys. The frequency of the military radios has always been as high as 390 megahertz which is the same for the present day garage openers The concept of openers running at this frequency is fairly new

As per the law only devices that do not cause interferences are permitted to run on this kind of frequency. To help transmissions penetrate through doors, it certainly is a good frequency. It’s surprising that until military started using these frequencies, there were rarely any interferences. The power used by these door openers is extremely low to be able to cause damage to military communications.

It’s not the frequency but the increased usage that leads to flooding of air waves and hence causes disturbances. The flooding of networks is undeniable as there is no way that communication devices can be removed. To cater to the emerging needs of military these new radios were employed as a part of an $800 million project.

The garage door openers share their frequency with at least 125 bases. The usage of these devices will permit easy communication during emergency at the tow new upcoming bases at Fort Hamilton and Walter Reed army medical center. Discussions are on between department of Defense, Federal Communications Commission and Department of Commerce.

The chances of interferences are already being communicated by the base commanders. The military can smartly adjust to a different frequency from that of the garage door openers. A clash of frequency can be avoided if door openers operate at with a change of frequency.

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