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See How to Remove the LCD Assembly on An iPhone

July 10, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Electronic Gadgets, Hardware

With the extreme popularity of Apple’s iPhone, it is obvious that there are a great deal of people out there trying to find solutions to some of the products’ more common problems. One issue that seems to come up quite often with the iPhone and other touch screen phones or glass faced devices is cracked or damaged screens. Unfortunately, we all drop our phones from time to time; regardles of how careful we attempt to be. This can get pretty expensive.

Lots of people who have a broken display are not aware that they could switch out the screen themselves and save a ton of money. I recently did some research and learned how to do just that. I thought I would share what I discovered for other people who are all about saving quite a bit of money. So here is the “how to” on replacing your iPhone LCD assembly.

The first steps that you need to take are to pull out the sim card and remove the small cover on the back. On top of your iPhone, you will find a pin hole. With a paper clip or similar sized object, press the button inside the hole until the sim card comes out. Now turn the phone over and slide the small black cover off. If the cover wont slide off, you may need to separate it with a razor. If this is the case, try not to damage the cover or cut yourself.

When you remove the cover, you will notice three screws that hold the other back cover in place. Use a small Phillips head or jewelers screwdriver to take out these screws and, again, use a sharp or flat blade to separate the cover from the rest of the phone. It should pry or pull off fairly easily. You will see that there is a small cable that runs from the cover to the mother board in the phone. Gently separate the connector that holds this cable in place. Now the silver cover can be completely detached.

Next, you will need to remove the internal antenna. Locate the three pegs that hold the antenna in its place and gently pull the antenna off. You will now see ten tiny screws along the outer edge of the phone that attach the front part of the frame to the device. Remove them.

Next, we will remove the main board and battery. On the back of the iPhone, look for three small screws on the circuit board, which is next to the yellow battery. Remove the three screws and then lift the motherboard section to show the cables that connect to it underneath. Remove these connectors being very careful not to damage the connectors or circuitry. Now the motherboard and battery can be removed as a singular unit and the front cover piece can be pulled free as well.

The final part is an important. To remove the screen entirely, you must open three small clips along the side of the frame. Now, carefully, pull the LCD gently from the frame. The cabling that you saw earlier is interlaced through the frame and you have to push them through very carefully to avoid damaging the fragile wires or connectors. After you have finished this, you are done. Now get yourself a replacement screen and put it back together exactly the way it came apart. Good luck. I hope it saves you a couple bucks.

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