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Sales Management Training: How to Blow Out Sales Quota in 5 Easy Steps

May 28, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Management

Here I will discuss some not so great news for you: your prospective clients now have way too many alternative options to purchase your product from.

At this time there are plenty of services just like the ones you have that are basically a click away on the internet. And worse yet, your solution or service is likely bordering on a commodity!

Now in this kind of super competitive, price-driven business universe most of us reside in, precisely what can a sales manager do regarding this?

The vital thing you need to do is discover a strategic sales strategy that increases your sales gains whilst maximizing and further enhancing your potential client’s satisfaction with your products or services.

If I have confused you, allow me to demonstrate.

With facts merely a mouse click away, in the event that you sell a product or service to an individual and they are disappointed with it, the speed which that knowledge gets transferred from your disappointed client to a new potential prospect will be faster than you can say “Follow me on YouTube”.

For that reason, your own salespeople’s sales approach needs to adjust consequently with this new era.

Just what exactly your sales managers should do is position your product under the microscope and find out specifically what “features” of your products or services are genuinely far superior to the rest of the market.

Several good examples can potentially be:

* Your expanded support is longer
* Your consumer support number is open a bit longer
* Your price is a little bit cheaper
* Your product or service saves office time because it delivers fewer errors when used
* Your replacement items are built with better quality material

As soon as you discover those a few points you are absolutely first-class at, next apply the below several ways to beating sales quota directly below:

1. Discover which of those very modest, minute even, “feature” differences between you and your opposition happen to be definitely substantial
2. Pinpoint what the “benefit” of that feature is
3. Pinpoint the “benefit behind the benefit” of that benefit is
4. Train your sales staff exactly how to articulate this “feature – benefit behind the benefit” tactic in a sales call
5. Settle back and check out your sales budgets get squashed

In our following article we will coach your sales managers just what questions they will ought to ask to complete #1 mentioned above, in addition how to decide exactly what the “benefit behind the benefit” genuinely is.

To find out more about sales management training, then click here to get your choice of free sales management training courses.

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