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Remote Backups – Continuous Data Protection

July 11, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Data Recovery

In order to safeguard records properly, data must be encrypted before it’s transmit over the internet and be saved in its encrypted state. The handler should have the option of using his own encryption key, and for safety, ought to by no means be sent to the server. Encryption should be a minimum of 256 bits.

Data Compression
Data would often be compacted with a lossless compression algorithm to minimize the amount of bandwidth used.

Network Backup
With a backup service supporting network many servers, computer systems or Network Attached Storage devices on the LAN from one computer or tool can simply be saved.

File-by-File Restore
Through probing by file sorts, dates, backup set, tags or filenames, a number of backup providers allow customers to bring back files by themselves. This capability for customers to restore without help from a Service Provider is an option some shoppers favor.

Continuous Data Protection
The continuous data protection allows the service to backup on a preset schedule or continuously. Large financial establishments or online merchants regularly use services that provide steady information backups. Many backup providers for normal companies are timetable structured and carry out back-ups at a predetermined time. There is often a trade-off with system resources plus performance depending on the type of software used.

Features and Requirements for Business Users

Server Backup
Many businesses need back-ups of Servers, and the particular data banks that run on them, together with open files, SQL Server, MS Exchange, System State plus Active Directory.

Centralized Management Console
The Centralized Management Console permits for an IT department or member of staff to monitor back-ups for the user.

Bulk Restore
Bulk Restore offers a method to restore data from a transportable USB drive when a full bring back might take too long on the internet.

Multiple Versioning
Multiple Versioning is the keeping of numerous versions of files at several points during development to allow for roll back or restore from some point in time.

The beneath pointers can affect the price of on-line backup services: the whole amount of systems handled by the backup service, the amount of information being backed up, the maximum quantity of versions of every file that are stored, the type of service and services accessible along with the record retention and archiving duration alternatives. Attachment features like the flexibility to backup currently protected or open files may be charged as an extra, though some providers provide this built in. Some marketers limit the amount of versions of a file that may be kept within the system while some other providers offer an unlimited amount of versions.

By just backing up changed records, the purchasers’ total stored data can be greatly reduced. Many remote backup providers lessen the quantity of information in this approach. Other choices include only transmitting the modified information bits by block level or binary incremental backups. This answer does not clog bandwidth since it does not transmit the exact same file data over and over again; for example a change of addresses or date in a word document.

Remote backup has many advantages over traditional backup ways incorporating: back-ups are saved in a separate location from the original data. Normal backup requires manually taking away the backup device to an offsite location. The user additionally doesn’t need to hassle with switching tapes, labeling CDs or doing other manual measures as remote backup does not need consumer intervention. Automatic backups plus unlimited data retention are huge advantages. Many remote backup providers will keep an inventory of variations of your files. Several backup providers can lessen total storage by solely transmitting changed binary data bits. A number of remote backup systems are programmed to work repeatedly, backing up information as they’re changed.

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