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Really Believe You Can Develop Psychic Powers

July 7, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Education

A mysterious and unstudied topic since ancient times, psychic powers is one subject area wherein the common man still remains a bit scared and confused. A true psychic is one who can view or perceive things which others cannot.

All human beings possess psychic powers to some extent or the other but only a mere percentage of them are able to display high level of psychic skills.

All of us possess the ordinary five sense organs in us but psychic individuals have an extra sense within. With the help of this sixth sense, they are able to see, hear or perceive that psychic information from the environment which is otherwise not perceivable to a common man.

Precognition and Retrocognition are two abilities that psychics commonly possess. While with the former they are able to foretell events of the future, with the latter they talk about events of the past. Apart from these, there exists psychics who can perceive different forms of energies in our surrounding and thus can see spirits.

Names such as fortuneteller, oracle reader, soothsayer, spiritualist, wise man have been given to such psychic individuals over time.

Infact, there have been countless individuals who have falsely pretended to be psychics resulting in fuelling the fire of controversy regarding the subject more.

Instead of false pretensions, one must realize that those very psychic powers are present within him as well. Hence, it is a better idea to develop such abilities and become a true psychic and use such abilities whenever required.

Once you are ready to start this journey of self discovery, the first thing you need to learn is how to balance your emotions, spirit and mind through meditation.

People who possess true psychic powers are masters at cleaning their minds off all negative emotions and thoughts and keeping it open so as to receive the energies and emotional vibes from both the known as well as the unknown aspects of the environment.

The best method to develop your psychic powers is to make meditation a part and parcel of your life. With this, you shall see the difference instantly and come alive at once experiencing a happiness, understanding and creativity that you have never felt before.

Being able to manage at least thirty minutes of meditation daily is all it takes to rid yourself of all negativity in thoughts and emotions. Schedule your daily routine and see the difference.

Find yourself a calm spot where you have minimal chances of getting disturbed. This place can be in your home, in a park or even in a cave but it must be a peaceful spot where you can concentrate without getting interrupted.

Concentrate on studying the flow of emotions through yourself while you meditate and learn how to dispel any negative though by focused concentration along with deep breathing techniques.

With increased practice you will get better at being able to discern the various kinds of energies present in the surroundings and the natural vibrations that occur there. Remember that you need to attune yourself to the infinite energy of the cosmos that binds each and every one of us for successfully developing your latent psychic abilities to their fullest potential.

Just like anything you must practice your psychic powers to get them stronger. You may want to give tarot readings a try or even palmistry. Between your family and friends you will have more than enough people who would like to test you. Just keep in mind that the person you will be reading for must be open minded. Their degree of will helps keep the channels of psychic communication clear and will make it more easy to sense images or vibrations.

The best way to develop psychic abilities is with daily practice. Meditate and develop your skills to assess the aura that surrounds an individual. With time you will find yourself being able to discern the colour and size of each person’s aura without requiring intense meditation.

Psychic power development will enable you to see the aura of an individual and know straightaway what his true intentions are. Infact you will also be able to sense things like illnesses which the individual might not be aware of himself.

As and when your psychic powers continue to grow you will be in a position to view events of the future, present as well as past and put in more effort to channelizing such powers on command.

Another popular psychic power is the ability to speak to the dead. It is one of those powers that has faced the most controversy and has also gained the most interest and fascination in the past years. Infact, it is why we often hear about children being able to talk to ghosts.

Our psychic powers are naturally much stronger when we are children. We have not had lessons on how to fear and avoid the unknown. By tearing down the defenses built up in our minds we can communicate openly. Adults still have psychic powers but you must be retrained to not fear what your eyes or the eyes of others do not see.

So always remember that psychic powers are stronger in children since they will be open to ideas which they do not comprehend. They will try to communicate back to the spirit till the time an adult interferes and forces them to erect defenses against the unknown.

Taking the lesson from the children, one must now free his mind off all fears and negative feelings about the spirit world and the unseen per se. Only when you have an open and positive mind, can you connect with the different forms of energies in the environment.

Psychic power is a true natural phenomenon that everyone is born with. The only importance lies regarding how much you block out in between.

Time and effort are two essential factors which, if you are ready to spend a bit, will help you in discovering the true potential that you have within leading you to make the world around a better place for yourself and others.

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