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Quit Smoking with E-Cigarettes

July 11, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

If you have been having a hard time kicking the habit of smoking, E-Cigarettes is possibly the answer to your dilemma. Unlike nearly all other ways presented to assist you in quitting smoking, E-Cigarettes still offer you with the addictive substances contained in analogues, or regular cigarettes, meaning that your longing for “real” smokes is extinguished. In addition, when taking a drag from an e-cigarette, you’ll feel the “hit” much like a regular cigarette. However, just like all other things, puffing E-cigarettes has positives and negatives

For die-hard smokers, a significant benefit of electronic cigarettes is that smoke is never produced in the process. Instead, smokers inhale and blow out vapor. As a result, e-cigarette smokers will not need to excuse themselves for “cigarette breaks” outside and can avoid the trouble of bad weather and uncomfortable areas. Moreover, if a smoker has a family, the children would not be subjected to secondhand smoke. Fortunately, E-cigarettes don’t actually contain any tobacco, causing them to be much more safe than traditional cigarettes.

Due to the fact that E-cigarettes provide smokers with nicotine they crave, smokers won’t be tempted to go off of the bandwagon. Battery powers electronic cigarettes, this makes matches and lighters obsolete. Almost all people who smoke hold a pungent scent on their breath and clothing; e-cigarettes do not give off such an odor. E-cigarettes are also available in a range of flavors, ranging from sweet tea to nutty peanut butter. Over a certain period of time, ecigarettes are also cheaper that conventional cigarettes. However, e-cigarettes also have their cons.

Upon initially purchasing an electronic cigarette, a smoker has to obtain a kit that contains items such as the actual e-cigarette, e-juice, Atomizers, and other items that are essential in the operation of an e-cigarette.

The starter kits can be higher priced, ranging from $50-$200. However, the Food and Drug Administration has failed to approve e-cigarettes and various research has discovered that certain e-cigarettes may harbor harmful chemicals. It is important to also be mindful that although the e-cigarettes keeps smokers free of harmful toxins found in regular cigarettes, it does not quench the pull of the adictive substance in cigarettes. Actually, research has revealed that the electronic cigarette contains a higher dose of nicotine than standard cigarettes. Being able to use it anywhere can seem like a big drawback although at first it may seem like a benefit. Although no real smoke is produced by e-cigarettes, the water vapors produced during use may seem very much like real smoke. If the e-cigarette is used in an area where smoking is not allowed, it could be mistaken for a real cigarette and cause unwanted drama. Side effects for e-cigarettes, if any exists, have not been found even though it is quickly becoming more popular.

When considering whether to use an e-cigarette it is crucial to consider the well-known long-term effects of smoking, your budget, and if you’d rather kick the habit all together or find a much safer alternative.

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