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Public speaking disorder

June 30, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

Public speaking anxiety means nervousness to speak in public. A person suffering with this is just not comfortable in talking in public. This person can never ever give a speech in public. He always has this fear that the whole world is watching him, he might make some silly mistakes while giving the speech, people might laugh at him, etc. etc. all the negative thoughts are surrounded to this person and his mind is completely captured with all the bad and evil thoughts. His soul and heart is just not with him at that moment. He lacks that self confidence within him to face the public.

A person who is very reserved and does not like to mix around with others usually faces this problem. He lacks that social confidence for social interaction. He is scared to express his views, thoughts or actions. He is always worried as to what will others think about himself if he does like this or does like that. He would always like to think from others point of view giving least importance to his own thinking. He would do only those things or speak only those topics which he thinks that the people around him will understand. He wants to be acceptable in the society. He fears rejection from the society basically.

Public speaking anxiety is a problem which definitely has a solution. It may not cure the person overnight but yes it has to be completely practiced in order to change the person slowly and gradually in to a much better and a confident person at the end of the day. First step is to start interacting with your friends and family in a very confident and free manner. After and all they are your near and dear ones and will definitely understand you and help you to overcome your problem. Slowly you should start getting social by talking to your colleagues, neighbors, guests and other such people whom earlier you used to feel uncomfortable talking to. Keep frequent conversations with them on any topic and make it a point to freely and confidently express your feelings and opinions over the same. No negativity should be able to surround you unless and until you have done or spoken something majorly wrong with anyone.

Start accepting the fact, that all are human beings also known as social animals. Hence no one is born perfect and is bound to make several mistakes in life. Just one wrong cannot put you down or take away that confidence from you. You will have to sincerely work over this and see to it that yes you can talk to anyone and everyone under the sun on any topic come what may. You should always remember that even if you happen to make any kind of mistake you should learn from it and move on in life. Learning from your mistakes is agreeable but running away from your mistakes is not at all a good idea.

So go ahead and express yourself!

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