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Psychic Abilities Is An Ancient Science

July 8, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Education

Even till date most are unaware about the facts and figures behind the phenomenon of psychic powers. The latter is mostly considered as weird and scary by those who do not care to discover the truth behind such magnificent powers. However there are some who cannot ignore the appeal of these abilities and even question if they can ever become psychics.

There have been many psychics in this world, the most famous among them being Nostradamus. He had this incredible power to predict the future. He had predicted many a things which was due to happen to the people of the world.

The psychics may sometimes help in studying human personality. Retro cognition is one such psychic ability that helps help in doing so. ‘Retro cognition’ is an ability of a psychic by which he or she can see back in our past years and separate small facts that may get ignored by others. Thus this ability gives a true insight into the psyche of the individual.

Few years back it was thought that there exists nothing once we die. However there are certain psychics who can communicate with the beings from that part of the universe, i.e, they can communicate with the dead. There was a popular show hosted by John Edwards which showed how the psychics communicated with the dead and this left people amazed.

Sometimes these people who have psychic abilities are referred to as Clairvoyants or as having “second sight.”

In the royal courts of ancient Egypt, psychics were employed in order to aid decision making. But it must be noted that there existed stiff penalties for those whose suggestions came out to be wrong. Hence, it was not always that the psychics received the spotlight all the time.

Coming back to the past, psychic are still seen to help others in making decisions important in their lives. Thus, psychics help us to choose the right career, choose the right life partner and aid making the right choice where various alternatives are present.

Mostly psychics are born with these powers. However there are some who have grown these abilities with strong determination and following the right steps.

One needs to be committed in order to develop his inner latent psychic abilities. Since such abilities never develop overnight, one needs to put in a lot of hard work over a long span of time in order to become a psychic. To start with a lot of meditation is required since it is the sole best way to tap ones subconscious.

The subconscious must be properly tuned with our own selves to help us grow these abilities faster and more effectively. This is only possible if we are able to remove every type of negativity from our lives and relax ourselves. We need to be calm and composed and get rid of even a loved one if the individual brings negativity in our lives.

Starting with meditation is a good idea to embark upon the journey of becoming a psychic later on. Not only, is it rewarding physically but it also cleanses the mind of all negativity and thereby releases stress enabling you to journey deeper into the depths of the subconscious.

Since, you eventually have to follow the path of meditation if you ever want to develop your psychic abilities; it is believed to be a good idea to begin as soon as possible.

If you look for set rules and regulations for meditation, you will find none. If you are a mere beginner in the art, just set your mind to it and see yourself progress gradually over time.

Putting in half an hour every day is all it takes to learn meditation. Remember, it cannot be learnt overnight and you need to be vigilant enough.

We can straight away excel in this because it needs a lot of practice and focus. Even the best of the lot need time and immense concentration to reach that level.

Training your mind on all positive elements firstly requires you to find a meditation location for yourself which is devoid of any tensions or negativity.

Finding a truly tranquil location for meditation is extremely important which enables you to relax and associate yourself with good thoughts. One can go for either a location outside amidst nature or find a calm and quiet spot in one’s own home depending on the comfort zone for the person.

Although very difficult to do at first, you need to clear your mind of all thoughts when you are meditating.

Deep breathing and Concentration on the senses are good ways to ward off any stray thought that manages to enter your mind. You can focus on a slight sound that you hear or smell that you get for doing this effectively.

When you can induce the deep meditative mental state in your meditation sessions, you will become increasingly aware and empathetic towards the people who surround you thereby giving you the sign that you psychic powers have begun to develop.

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