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Procedures To Install Replacement Windows

July 19, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Others

Wood windows that are warped and do not function are conveniently replaced by useful vinyl windows. Vinyl is excellent for numerous household applications, but it notably suits windows given that it never needs to be painted (You select the color you would like it to come in) and it is very simple to clean. Furthermore, these windows are rather inexpensive as compared to wood or metal. If you require a professional window installer contact Atlanta replacement windows.

As long as you take the time to measure accurately, and meticulously follow the instructions here, you should have no problems putting in vinyl replacement windows on your own.
The entire window has to be thoroughly measured. This includes all four sides of the window. The reason is that the frame is often different, notably in older houses, due to warping. Given that vinyl windows are custom made, your measurements must be dead on. You must verify all the measurements with the replacement window manufacturer before you start. You can find a wide assortment of replacement windows at Atlanta vinyl replacement windows.

Before new windows could be installed, the old ones initially require to be uninstalled. The way the old ones were put in may impact the result quite a bit.

Initially, you will want to remove the old sash. This includes the ‘stops’ or pieces of wood that hold the window in place. The outer ones will never require to be taken off, but you have to pry out the ones on the inside of the house. Keep them intact, they will be needed when you put the new window in place. Replacements may perhaps be bought if they become ruined. Normally you may buy these at a local hardware store.

If you have sash ropes holding the window in place, cut these. If the window is a double hung window, you have to make sure to pull the lower sash out. (the most commonly put to use)you will first have to disconnect the two pieces of the window by removing the middle stop.
Now you are ready to put your new window into the frame. This will be much less difficult if you have two people to work on it, though one person can do it. Trying to lift the window and hold it in place while replacing the stops may perhaps be an awkward task. It will need to sit against the outside stops and should be snug all the way around if the measurements were taken properly. If it is not a perfect fit, you will have to undertake some adjustments.

Thin wood strips can fill gaps along new window edges, and if the old window sill is slanted while a vinyl window is flat at the bottom, you may place a wedge strip to fill the gap and hold it in place.
After the window has been fitted, screw it into place by putting screws in through the pre-drilled holes in the side jambs that come with the window. At this point you may replace the stops on either side on the inside, simply screw or nail them back into place on either side of the window.
The last thing you will need to do is put a line of caulk bordering the window with a caulking gun to protect against drafts.

You may find numerous styles of vinyl replacement windows at Atlanta vinyl replacement windows

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