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P90X Results and Recovery Formula – Benefits

July 19, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Exercise

Benefits of taking the P90X Results and Recovery Formula

What are some benefits of the p90x results and recovery formula? First of all, it tastes amazing! Now, I don’t know about you but I hate chocking down something that tastes like a sweaty gym sock after a tough workout, it just doesn’t appeal to me! This formula has a creamy, orange flavor, it tastes EXACTLY like a cream-sickle, for those of you who know what a cream-sickle is. It also mixes extremely well, so you aren’t going to need a blender to mix it, an ordinary shaker cup will do the trick.

Now lets talk about the facts that matter the most, the p90x results and recovery formula contains a 4:1 carbohydrate protein ratio, which is the best ratio possible for muscle repair. Really anything between a 3:1 and a 5:1 carb. protein ratio is good, but if you consume to much protein that can actually affect muscle re-synthesis, which can altar your results for the worse. The formula has complex carbs and a lot of simple sugars (fast acting carbs), what the simple sugars actually do, is they rush into the muscle tissue and replenish the glycogen which you just used during your workout, and all the extra carbs in the drink will help the protein get into the muscles as fast as possible to begin muscle resynthasis.

Why is the P90x Results and Recovery Formula Important?

The biggest reason you want to have that 4:1 ratio, is because if you consume to much protein, or fiber, prior to an intense workout, it can slow your digestion enough that the simple sugars wont make it to the muscles in the hour after your workout where your muscles are primed to receive those nutrients. I talked about this a little bit earlier in this article, but I’m going to build on that right now. Studies have recently shown that if we provide our body with the proper nutrition within an hour after an intense workout, that it can recover up to 100% faster! Which will mean more muscle developement, and less soreness the following day.

P90x Results and Recovery Formula – Listen to Your Body

Now, depending on how hard your workout was, should determine how much or how little of the p90x results and recovery formula you should take.For anybody doing P90x, it would probably be a good idea to take a full serving after every workout, with the exception of maybe yoga, but it depends on how intense you worked out that day. If you feel absolutely drained after your workout, go for it and take a full serving, but if your still feeling pretty good, still got a little energy left, then you might want to kick it down to half a serving. I don’t want you to let me tell you whats right for you and whats not, in the end you have to listen to what your body is saying, your body knows whats best for it better than you or anyone else, just listen to it.

Refuel, re-energize, and diminish muscle soreness with The P90x Results and Recovery Formula. Four parts carbs to one part protein ensures fast muscle repair after intense workouts!

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