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Outdoor Heating Systems

June 2, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Home and Family

Outdoor heaters range from electric outdoor heaters to natural gas heaters to propane heaters. While commonly related with more commercial sized applications in mind, an outdoor heating system is also just as feasible and useful in a residential setting. Indeed, an outdoor heating system can be employed to work in conjunction with your existing garage, carport, patio or porch or just about any place outside around your home that you may use on a regular basis for entertaining or other purposes.

Outdoor heating is generally fuelled by electricity, natural gas or propane. There are many different types of heaters available; such as portable, in-ground, mounted, mobile and tabletop. Outdoor heating systems work by using radiant heat – a person or object can be heated without the heater warming the surrounding air at all. Depending on which type of heater you choose and what kind of fuel source you employ, a radiant heater can usually warm a radius of up to 5 meters. Depending on what your desired end result may be, one of these types of heating systems combined with a suitable power source can meet your needs quite easily. Read on for a brief description of each system.

Mobile outdoor heaters are easy to operate and maintain with little to no fuss. One of the main advantages of this type of heater is that it requires no installation to use it anywhere. Using outdoor heaters with wheels ensures ease of portability – just wheel the heater to any location outside you wish to entertain. These types of heaters are generally long and cylindrical and resemble a lamp post or street light in appearance.

Mounted heaters are meant for permanence – once you decide where they will be located, installation is required. Typically, these types of heaters are mounted to walls or ceilings and are far less intrusive than a mobile style heater. They can be run on either natural gas or propane and generally resemble plug-in baseboard style heaters in appearance although there are some styles that can be hung like a lamp.

In ground heating systems are very similar to the mobile/patio variety, the main difference being that an in-ground heater is permanently installed in one location and cannot be moved. Natural gas powered and operates with a push button style ignition.

Plug in heaters are an economical choice as well as easy to use as they do not require gas or installation for operation – place it where you want it, plug it in and enjoy the heat! There are many styles also; most of the wall or ceiling styles as well as the patio lamp-post styles is available. There are also hanging and tabletop plug-in heaters as well.

The main benefit of an outdoor heating system is the ability to enjoy the outdoors no matter the time of year, hence why they are so popular with restaurants and bars. Having one in your backyard or on your patio means you can entertain outdoors, comfortably, in the fall and winter months when it might be a bit colder or more damp than usual.

Some safety tips for using outdoor heating systems -

-Always read the manuals and instructions that are included with your heating system. Any information regarding safe use and operation, refueling, troubleshooting, precautions and important warranty information is all contained in the documents that come with the system. Take the time to read it though and when you’re done, keep the manuals in a safe, easy to access location.

-If you’re using table top or low hanging heaters, be very watchful of any children who may be in the vicinity.

-Understand and know exactly what kind of gas is being used and how to both turn on and shut off the supply. Natural gas and propane are flammable and must be handled with caution and care.

-Keep your systems in good order and maintain them regularly with system check-ups after each season, and take extra care to ensure everything is in good operational ability before the winter months when use is likely to be a bit higher or more frequent.

Follow those tips and your outdoor heating system will provide you and your family (and friends!) with comfort and warmth all year round, anywhere you like. has made it their mission to enhance the outdoor environment through the use of cooling and humidification systems, misting systems, scenting systems, fog effect machines and outdoor heaters. Visit their site today for a full list of products and services.

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