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How Olive Oil Can Protect You From Stomach Ulcers

June 16, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Cooking, Health & Fitness, Recipes

Severe and unrelenting stomach pain can kill your interest in food like nothing else. Knowing that whatever you eat is going to make your stomach hurt definitely takes the joy out of eating and drinking. If the problem is one or more ulcers, you are dealing with tiny holes in your stomach caused by a nasty bacterium called the Helicobacter (H.) pylori. This little monster is one of the very few that can survive long enough in the acidy soup down there to do its dastardly deeds by drilling these holes in the lining of your stomach. Traditional treatment has been a dose of antibiotics, but there are now world-wide strains that have even become resistant to these drugs. There may be help from another source, olive oil.

We have all heard a great deal about the benefits of this all natural product. It is a healthy fat full of mono- and polyunsaturates. These are the good ones that increase your HDL, which in turn cleans out your arteries and makes your heart feel better. You can use it with brown sugar to exfoliate your skin, or just rub it in as a body moisturizer. Adherents claim it is the reason for their youthful looking skin. When it comes to ulcers, it seems that olive oil is also tough enough to stand up to those brutal stomach acids. The polyphenals in the oil actually inhibits the growth of H. pylori bacterium lurking there.

There are several ways to include olive oil in your diet without drinking straight from the bottle. You will lose its benefits if you overheat it in the frying pan. After 400 degrees, it burns and loses effectiveness, so go easy on the heat. If you need help in the war against ulcers, try spritzing olive oil on your fish or veggies and then cooking them instead of heating oil in the pan first. There are great recipes for making your own salad dressing using olive oil, and you can incorporate it easily into marinades. Check online for more recipe ideas that will use olive oil and maintain its integrity.

Speaking of integrity, where do you store your olive oil? It needs to be kept out of the sunlight, preferably in a dark place, for best results. Ulcers are miserable. The addition of healthy olive oil to your daily diet may inhibit the growth of the bacterium that causes them and give you the opportunity to enjoy your dining once more.

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