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No Nonsense Muscle Building Creator Is Now A Pro Fitness Model

July 12, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

For those of you who did not know, Vince Delmonte (author of No Nonsense Muscle Building) recently won his WBFF Pro Fitness Model card at the WBFF Quebec Championships.

This means that he can now officially call himself a Pro Fitness Model.

This is a big deal for Vince, because it gives him extra credibility as a muscle building coach and author. Anyone can call themselves a “Fitness Model”, but that does not mean much. To be recognized as a Professional Fitness Model is so much more. It means it is your profession, how you earn money, and it means instant credibility and respect.

The journey that Vince Delmonte made to get into the shape required to be a Pro Fitness Model was actually charted with his Stage Shredded Status DVD set.

Stage Shredded Status charts the transformation that he made to get down to 4.5% bodyfat in order to increase his muscular definition and win his pro card. He actually lost around 30lbs of fat in 16 weeks to get into the shape of his life.

It was not an easy journey, however, and he was initially aiming to get his Pro Card at the WBFF Connecticut Championships but he fell just short. The judges told him to go and get more “sliced” and that is exactly what he did as he gained his Pro Card in Quebec just 2 weeks later.

His mentor, pro bodybuilder Ben Pakulski, was with him every step of the way. In fact, with the Stage Shredded Status DVD set, you essentially get your own personal training session with Ben Pakulski, which would usually cost hundreds of dollars in the real world!

One of the most interesting things outlined in the Stage Shredded Status DVD set is the exact diet schedule that Vince Delmonte used. He leaves nothing out, viewers get to see exactly what food he was eating throughout the 16 week transformation.

This diet is insider information that can be a powerful resource if used correctly. I am sure his WBFF competitors may well be checking out this DVD set to get some ideas for themself!

What I like about Vince’s recent journey to become a Pro Fitness Model, is that it makes him more than just a bodybuilding author. He is also an expert on fat loss and is now a professional in his field. Not many muscle building product creators have the credbility to say the are a professional in the industry, but Vince can now make that claim.

Most people do not know much about fitness models and what exactly it is they do. I like the fact that his DVD set gives viewers an inside look at what is required to be a fitness model.

It also gives exclusive access to the WBFF Championships show. Viewers get to watch the show in full to get a proper taste of exactly what goes on.

Learn more at the authors no nonsense muscle building website and the no nonsense muscle blog post.

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