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Niche Finder. How to find a niche in Affiliate marketing

June 26, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Marketing

While choosing a niche for marketing affiliate program the most important factor is you should be able to spot a need in the niche. When you analyse a niche try to find out whom in this niche is buying and what they are buying. For example if you find ‘Dog training’ interesting check out the social forums related to this. See how many people are interested in buying a product in dog training. There are some niches where there are many customers but most of them are looking for free information. Such a niche would be a tough market to sell products.

Another way to find out the viability of a niche is to run a Google search for the niche. If you find many ads on the right side of the search it means there are many buyers for products in the niche. If there are very few ads it means the demand for products is low. While using the demand based approach to find a niche there are few tradeoffs involved. A hot niche will have high competition so it may not be a good idea to start with. A low profile niche would lack competition but you would need to go that extra mile to search for customers and convince them. Also if you are new to network marketing affiliate program, kindly choose a niche where you have some knowledge. You can consolidate your learning in the niche and work on it. This will give you a better chance of success. You can jump to hot niches at a later period.

Now once you have chosen a niche the next issue to tackle is choosing a good product. By now, you should have a good understanding of who your market is and what they are looking for. Go the ClickBank Marketplace and search for some good products to promote that will meet their needs. ClickBank uses a yardstick called ‘gravity’ to represent how well each product sells, based on how many sales have been made and how recent these sales were. I would recommend you choose a product with a gravity of 40+. You don’t want a product with a very high gravity score, because too many other people are promoting it. Look for a mid-range score, this means the product is selling but not as many affiliates are promoting it. Also don’t forget to check out products with a low score. Some of these products maybe good but would have a low gravity because they were added to the Marketplace quite recently. If you are convinced of the product give it a shot.

Spend some time researching the product’s sales page, since you will be relying on it to convert your HopLinks into commissions! Does the sales pitch look authentic? Is it persuasive and credible? Put yourself in your customers’ shoe and think if you would buy from such a site?

Finally look into the commissions that are paid out. This is important as at the end of it you are doing all this to earn money. So check out the commission structure for the product and judge for yourself how much money you could possibly earn from this product over a month.

Do not stop with just choosing one product. It is advisable to choose multiple products as it allows you to give out reviews of multiple products in this niche. In the process you actually tell your customer the advantages and disadvantages of each product. This will garner you a lot of respect as neutral person. Lot easier to clinch the sale!

So, find a niche that is hungry for something first ( preferably using Niche Finder or other similar software), then search for a couple of products that is helpful to the need of the niche.

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