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Mike Dillard Review. Father Of Attraction Marketing?

June 28, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Others

If you’ve been in the network marketing industry entirely an of small number months therefore you assumably have no clue who Mike Dillard is. Mike Dillard is one the biggest success stories in network marketing. He struggled for over 6 years in his MLM business and trying to make ends meet as a broke waiter. It’s funny to hear him talk about how he would stare at his phone for hours and sharpen pencils just to avoid calling prospects. I’m sure he looks back at those times and laughs.I have to think that he looks back at those times and gets quite a laugh.

Now he makes 8 figures in the industry and it all started amidst one concept. Mike did what every other broke network marketer did which is create a warm market list and friends and family to join his network marketing business. He was close the point of withdrawing before it finally dawned on him what worked for the highest earners in the business. People were attracted to these leaders because they had expertise and could actually help them make money in network marketing. Most of the people who enroll network marketing companies join other people who have no clue what it takes to be successful. Basically it’s the blind leading the blind. Mike figured it out! Why try sponsoring people who have no clue in respect to the industry? It’s like trying to recruit hockey players to play for a football team, it just doesn’t make sense. There were thousands of people struggling in MLM so why not recruit them? Instead of being a typical networker and pitching business opportunities he started pitching himself or branding himself in other words. He became a consultant to home based business owners not just another distributor.

Mike is a great copywriter and showcased his talents online and this attracted other networkers. Thus creating the phenomenon of attraction marketing via Magnetic Sponsoring. WOW! This was unheard of! Instead of pitch pitch pitch it was I can help you make money with your home business. The Magnetic Sponsoring approach is brilliant. Instead of branding Amway, Monavie and some of the other companies you are branding you. Mike Dillard’s key of success is master one strategy then move onto the next. Too many people bounce all over the place with marketing online. Mike focused on copy writing and Google PPC. If you haven’t heard of Mike Dillard and want a new approach to network marketing I highly suggest taking a serious look at Magnetic Sponsoring.

Bennett Watson is a student of Mike Dillard and other top recruiters in the industry.
Discover how he has used Attraction Marketing to generate 30-40 leads per day and sponsor reps using online tactics.

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