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Marriage Counselors Can Help Couples Weather Extreme Economic Hardships

June 7, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Home and Family

San Clemente Psychologist | Marriage Counseling | Piper Walsh PhD

It’s a given that an economic recession can reach far and wide impacting businesses and individuals alike, oftentimes on an extreme level. For the general populace, a monetary decline can affect not only the bottom line, but can also create mayhem with one’s sense of survival and well being. Even the fear of losing one’s fiscal security can be unsettling. For those who become overwhelmed, it is often recommended that you seek psychological services in order to keep their day-to-day lives and relationships moving in a positive direction. One can’t always control their financial circumstances, but with support, they should be able to manage their emotionally charged response to adversity.

Excessive stress will often impact relationships, happiness, and the ability to perform at normal levels. Psychotherapists acknowledge that the earlier one deals with a recession related stress, the better off he will be. Counseling can help in many ways, but often starts off by teaching people to recognize how and when they are feeling unable to cope. How are these feelings creating challenges regarding the ability to function as an individual and in important interactions? It may sound overly simplistic, but just being able to recognize unhealthy thoughts and reactions is a big component of the healing process.

Economic downturns will frequently increase levels of anxiety and depression symptoms in the general population, even for those who are not directly impacted. The overall sense of unease will spill over into a remarkably large percentage of the population. Even those towards the top socio-economic levels change their spending habits–and sometimes even their personal values-to a degree that often brings suffering, and difficulties in their interpersonal associations.

It’s no secret that marriages are often deeply affected by economic issues, even in a stable economy. Partners need to work out details about managing their finances with each other, so marriage counselors are often called upon for assistance when this becomes a sore point in the relationship. As a result, most marriage counselors are extremely well versed in dealing with stresses related to finances.

However, regardless of how well balanced couples perceive themselves, few are ready to face the potentially drastic lifestyle changes forced upon them by unexpected adjustments to their standards of living, especially when these changes spin out of their personal control. A professional psychotherapist can help people in all parts of society create strategies to handle their finances, but it seems this is never more essential than during a severe economic storm.

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Author Stephen Daniels recommends the services of Piper Walsh PhD, who offers San Clemente psychological services to couples needing help and direction. Piper Walsh has years of experience helping couples work through all their problems, including the ramifications of a financial meltdown.

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